Online multiplayer ‘driving sales decline’

MCV "The legions of fans continuing the play the online segments of titles such as Modern Warfare 2, Bad Company 2, Gears of War 2, Halo 3 and FIFA 10 remains the main reason why the global games industry continues to suffer year-on-year sales declines, according to analyst Michael Pachter.

Furthermore, he thinks this decline will continue until publishers discover an effective way to source extra revenue from this continued change in gamer behavior."

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The Meerkat2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

So.......Let me get this right.

Games which offer great value for money are causing a decline in the sales of games which offer poorer value for money.

coolstuff2963d ago

It means great single player games might not sell as well though. Not all great games need multiplayer, for example Infamous or Heavy Rain. The sales of these games might be affected even though they are high quality games.

kaveti66162963d ago

The price of these games shouldn't be 65 bucks then. Heavy Rain and Infamous 2 are great, but they don't have as much replay value as games with online MP. Games without online MP shouldn't cost as much as games with online MP.

OSU_Gamer2963d ago

I kinda agree with you, but if it were to be that way, I think the quality/length of the SP or Mp should matter. I don't want to pay $60 for an FPS with a mediocre single plaeyr campaign and mediocre online.

Red_Orange_Juice2963d ago

Shit games don't sell with exceptions like Halo

Active Reload2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I can't speak for everyone else but Pachter is right in his thoughts on this matter. The guy described my situation perfectly. I went without the internet for a few weeks and accoplished the tasks of compeleting Fallout 3 and Borderlands. I got the internet back and now I can't stand to spend more than 20 minutes playing single player games. There just isn't anything better than the stuff that goes on online. Everything online multiplayer has to offer just comes to being something different each and everytime. Add that to the fact that games come with the ranking systems that bring rpg-like elements that are just pure addictive sweet layers on top of the cake.

Hideo_Kojima2963d ago

No matter what the genre the plot the story or the quality of the single player it has a totally different feel from a multiplayer game.

Some people like the rush you get when you beat someone who is a real person and no matter how good the offline game is it will never be able to feel that hole for them.

When I play single player games I always feel empty when I get those kills or win those races were as when you play online you feel like you actually did something important even though its just as useless in the real world.

walker012963d ago

because of lack of multiplayer is kinda bullshit.
The single story campaign in games have tuns more work put into them than the online multiplayer does. They have to design and develop each level and chapters of the whole single player whereas the muliplayer they just create a few arenas which should take much less time.
Its only fair on the developer to charge the same.

If anything It should actually be the other way round, the games that focus on multiplayer and then has an half arsed single player should cost less.

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xYLeinen2963d ago

Yea what is so hard to understand. For instance, I've dropped 3 game purchases these last 2 months because I'm still playing Bad Company 2. If I didn't play multiplayer so heavily I would most likely have bought a few more games.

himdeel2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

...are a reason for sales declines. Why spend $60~ on a game that has limited replay value if the game just isn't "good"?! Likewise I've never understood releasing so many games in the early and late part of the year leaving the summer pretty much wide open.

Furthermore this economy and the new economic reality is that people who can afford games probably just aren't going to buy everything new when it's first released because more often than not they 1) cannot get around to playing everything & 2) can buy it cheaper used when they're ready to play it.

frostypants2962d ago

All that tells me is those other games were overpriced. Perhaps you'd have bought them at a lower price point.

To me, this whole issue is a condemnation of the "one-size-fits-all" pricing scheme imposed on games. Why must all new games cost $59.99?

Christopher2963d ago

Value is so subjective.

Is MW2 a better game than ME2 or GoW3?

The fact is that 'free' online play is always engrossing because there's a lot of things to do and ways to play. People spend more time there, though, that other games do suffer. Even other games with multiplayer elements to them.

I think this thinking is also why Michael Pachter is talking about Activision going subscription based. They're probably thinking that Activision will give everyone three months of free play on CoD in the future, but after that you'll have to pay to play. Their thinking is to either encourage people to play other games of theirs or to give them more money to pay for the prolonged gaming period.

ShadowRyuX2963d ago

...should be $40, just like multi-player only games. It only makes sense right?

midgard2292963d ago

Lmao at heavy rain not having replay value with so many endings and different ways to play it.

anyway, while those games may not have multiplayer to keep it going the cost are put else where, scale, budget, narrative, animation etc. and we all know that everyone loved single player games equally before this online stuff happened on consoles.

singleplayers always no matter what have the best stories. those are the best games and ones that stick with me. a multiplayer game can never be as epic as god of war or xenosaga etc.

just cuz u dont like SP games doesnt mean that people have to stop playing them because everyone decides a glitch fest like MW2 is the best game ever.

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darx2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Almost got it.

FragGen2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

FWIW, I think Pachter has a point here, too. Unlike some, I've continued to BUY great single player games and SIMPLY NOT PLAY them very much, but I've recently told myself, I'm no longer buying games I KNOW I'm not going to play...

Example: I hadn't gotten to play anything for almost 2 weeks and finally had some downtime so I wanted to play some games... With so much downtime I reached for:

Good old BFBC2 from March 2010, picking it over a ton of games languishing half (or less) finished on my game shelf:

God of War Collection
God of War 3
Dante's Inferno
Dragon Age
Red Dead Redemption
Mod Nation Racers
Assassin's Creed 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Brutal Legend
Fallout 3
Uncharted 1

I was completing one single player game a month before MW2 addiction led to MAG addiction led to BFBC2 addiction, which I am still completely stuck on... Thank God I completed UC2 before BFBC2 hit the fan...

I just can't get interested in anything else these days... Seriously, everyone makes this huge deal out of Red Dead and I'm just hugely disappointed in that thing after the adrenaline rush of the primarily online MP games. The whole time I'm playing it, I'm like WTF, I could be improving my BFBC2 skills and playing something that has online gunplay that is not completely sucktastic.

solidworm2963d ago

who buy their console so they can play COD and nothing else are a cancer.They are not gamers.

Corepred42963d ago

come on man. that is a very ignorant thing to say. just because someone sticks to a game they like and that you don't like means they shouldn't be considered a gamer? And if they only bought a console to play one game, maybe they aren't gamers to begin with.

kaveti66162963d ago

People who purchase a console for their own interests are not dolts. What the fuck do you care what they buy and play?

HobbsCanuck2963d ago

Exactly! I happen to play a shit load of games. I am disappointed when a really good game doesnt sell, but I leave it at that. Shit happens. Maybe your game didnt appeal to enough people, or only hardcore gamers only knew about it.

BeaArthur2963d ago

Agree with corepred4. Just because they only like to play 1 game doesn't mean they are somehow less of a gamer. So the guy that plays 13 different games a year but doesn't finish any of them and plays a fraction of the amount of time that the CoD only player does is somehow more of a gamer?

Nate-Dog2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Fuck off. The fact I'm getting more replayability out of a game that has a detailed online segment is a bad thing? I paid money for (insert title here) and I'll play it and whatever part of it that I want as much as I like. I don't buy games for a 5-10 hour single-player campaign and then put away the game forever so I can spend the same amount on another game that has the same lack of value. Get bent.

Corepred42963d ago

who the hell are you so angry at? chill out or grow up.

Nate-Dog2963d ago

I'm angry at someone that is saying that companies should charge more money for people that play games with online sections / with online sections that have longevity. He's saying that "people put over 10 hours into some games online each week" and that it's a problem; what's wrong with that? It's like saying that we should take out online segments of games and also make campaign modes shorter, so that people can't keep playing the same game so they have to spend more money on newer titles.

If games get cheaper that way, fine by me. But we all know that these sort of ideas being put into the heads of the people at the top of gaming companies never turns out well for us. Look at EA and Sony looking into the Online Pass idea. Just means more money for us to pay.

CodyNagel2963d ago

Thats why you wait a few weeks to buy single player only titles. The price will usually drop pretty fast on Amazon. Look at God of War 3 for example. They dropped the price to $50 after about two weeks.

Unicron2963d ago

Personally, I'm having more fun with single player affairs (Darksiders, Bayonetta, Vanquish demo) than the same tired old TDM that every game is shoving in. But to each his own.

DarkFantasy2963d ago

I feel the same way I'm actually starving for good single player games right now i just finished replaying Assasins Creed 2,Uncharted 1,the Orange box(Half-life 2).I 100% agree,I'm so sick of TDM and call of duty online modes in fact im only buying 3 shooters in the for the rest of the year and next year KZ3 and Crysis 2,portal 2(wait would portal count as a shooter ?) the rest will be single player games for me..really hoping for a new elder scrolls :)

Baka-akaB2963d ago

i'm with you here for the most part . I see people are already claiming single players games offer no replay value ... when in fact it's purely subjective .

It's not as if doing the same map over and over in most current fps werent a source of repetition too . Especially when the weapons and gifts like perks are so cheesy and easy , you aint encountering more varied play than when facing an AI .

These days , the only multiplayer i'd care about , involve games asking you to use a minimum of skills , since it's essential to my kind of fun:

-fighting games
-truly arcade and oldschools fps/tps , where you can actually move and aim
-rts like starcraft 2
-and guild wars , one of the few mmo that you couldnt just program with a TI based bots spamming the same boring mage spells from an abused build ...

P_Bomb2963d ago

Naw me too. MP is so cliche already. Soon every game & its clone will have its own TDM. Personally I tend to get sick of most games' online after 10- 20 hours anyways as there's generally no reason for me to keep playing. I've seen every map 100 times, fired every weapon, I'd rather buy a new game than spend another 10 hrs playing to prestige just to lose everything (COD, TF:WFC, BioShock) and pretend it's a whole new game when it's not, lol. But that's just me. I'm always looking for the next good campaign.

Redempteur2963d ago

i'm single player too not being multi since the last 5 years , the only exception being fighting games and white knight chronicles

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