VG247 - Impressions: Valve’s Weier details Portal 2 co-op at PAX Prime

VG247 writes: Portal 2 was shown to the public for the first time at PAX Prime last weekend, and while no one got hands-on time, Valve’s Josh Weier was there to show us a bit of the puzzler’s co-op portion.

First and foremost, those who felt the first Portal was a bit light lengthwise will be pleased to know both the single-player and co-op modes are twice as long as the original game. Also, those who felt tinges of motion sickness or vertigo with the first one shouldn’t be troubled this time out; the field of view has been changed.

The co-op portion of the game’s story is independent from the single-player. Obviously, you and your partner will have to work together in order to complete each stage.

Valve has included the ability for you or your partner to throw up an hint icon on the screen, which designates where you’d like the other player to open a portal. You’re using the same gun you had in the first game.

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