Dead Rising: Case 0 Sees Over 300,000 Players In Its First Week, What Does That Mean For The Future?

We're still working on the August Xbox Live Arcade sales analysis here at GamerBytes HQ, but we thought we might give you some insight into the September analysis -- Dead Rising: Case 0 was a very good idea.

This $5 stand-alone chunk of Dead Rising 2 gives players a little insight into the new hero Chuck Greene as well as the amazing ability to kill Zombies with a drill-bucket. As of now the Leaderboards show that over 328,290 players have given Case 0 a go, and that's in less than 7 days -- an amazing feat. Money wise, assuming Microsoft take a 30% cut on the game, Capcom could well have made $1,149,015 off of it for this week alone.

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XANDEO3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

i personally think it's a good idea as i had no intention of buying the game until i played (and loved) the xbla prequel, its defo got 1 sale here for the main game!!

The game companies could probably make a smaller chunk of the game to test the waters (some inovation would be welcome) before a retail release and if not succesfull critically or commercially either sort out the problems for a retail release or jus scrap it and move onto something else with a much smaller risk of gettin a loss.

Winter47th3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

That we're all *****ed, I bet that level was in the full game but they cut it & slapped a price tag on it and released it as a paid demo, No wonder it's exclusive to a Microsoft console, L4D free-paid DLC anyone?

God this industry's going to shit and Microsoft's ruining EVERYTHING, paying for LIVE just to play online, free on every other console.
Paying for a DLC that's free on the PC.
Paying to host a game on YOUR connection while every first party game on the PS3 has dedicated servers that's free to play on.
At least with Plus they're giving you SOMETHING in return.

It's too sad it's funny.

Now every other developer realizes how retarded a "specific" demographic of console gamers are and start chopping the hell out of their games and release them as an "exclusive" demo.

JBroken3016d ago

Don't worry, it will come out on psn next year when it's irrelevant. Like all ps3 stolen exclusives

Winter47th3016d ago

Stealing a rip-off content? thx, but you can keep it with all the other 300.000 bend overs in progress.

120FPS3016d ago

So do you feel the same about GT Prologue or is that completley different because its Sony??

Mastodon3016d ago

So you think that Microsoft created the pay to play idea? You think that they came up with DLC? and you think they it was them who decided to market something that may have been "on disc" as DLC?

And in that comparison for some odd reason to speak of PS3? Are you serious? Do you know nothing about marketing?

It is up to the developer on what they release and HOW they release it. Capcom went to Microsoft mainly because Dead Rising was a better seller on the console - we all know it was supposedly exclusive at first but that doesn't have any bearing on what I'm saying.

What I am saying is simple:

1. It won't be for everyone but the DEMO is free.
2. The game which takes around 1 to 2 hours depending of what you do is $5
3. Wasn't Microsoft's choice to price it nor exclusively release it.
4. Dead Rising's lead platform is Xbox 360 based on sales.
5. Capcom and Microsoft have been in a joint venture to help Capcom expand their library of games in a more North America direction for a few years now. Capcom has said they see where gaming is going (US) and want to create games that showcase what Americans enjoy (I guess zombies? I don't really know or care).
6. I don't even like or play Dead Rising but the amount of ignorance is staggering.
7. Sony will probably get this ON the disc at launch - what's the big deal?
8. Are you really upset to the degree where the Caplock was important?

Perjoss3016d ago

"So do you feel the same about GT Prologue or is that completley different because its Sony??"


lowcarb3016d ago

Quit whining seriously and gtfo! If you don't like it then simply don't buy it and move along. I don't see you complaining about buying GT5p or any other game content.

"Now every other developer realizes how retarded a "specific" demographic of console gamers"

I like the way you use the word retarded. What so are you saying your better then people who are retarded? Kind of hateful choice of words there's even if that was not it's intent. Anyways stop blaming the problems of the world on one company and simply don't support them if you feel there some type of video game conspiracy going on.

kaveti66163016d ago

"Paying to host a game on YOUR connection while every first party game on the PS3 has dedicated servers that's free to play on. "

Uncharted 2 MP runs on p2p, not dedicated servers. How do you feel now?

xchris92x3016d ago

This has nothing to do with the ps3.

poopface13016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

NOPE, it sure doesnt.

Seems like you have a grudge against microsoft and will make stuff up in your attacks.

Why dont you cry about it. You should probably be hating on capcom instead, its their decision where to release it. Im sure if thay had choosen psn it woulda been free/s

Maybe ill DL this tonite, its only 5$ and I can see if im interested in the rest of the game.

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maniacmayhem3016d ago

Campletely agree with you Xando

outrageous3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I don't like the idea in general BUT if a developer wants to stir some interest in there game that may not of sold as expected then maybe offering a $5 taste of the game might not be a bad idea, assuming there is at least 1.5 hours of gameplay.

Alan Wake sold around 700,000 copies and was buried by misinformation and the release of RDR...why not offer the first DLC package the signal at $4.99 ( regular $6.99 or free to 1st time buyers ) on XBL to all and see what happens? Alan wake is a good game that alot of people missed believing it was all story and no gameplay which is silly...the games a 3rd person/action shooter with lots of It could help older games get a second chance.

catguykyou3016d ago

I love the way they released the prequel story as an arcade game. On top of that, it was half off. I played the trial for it though and I wasn't a fan. Just not my type of game. :(

Capdastaro3016d ago

For 400msp It's a bargain.

DelbertGrady3016d ago

XBLA is profitable. Great game. Tons of value and replayability for only 400 points. More devs should do stuff like this.

JBroken3016d ago

Hopefully that future xbla titles might follow this pricing scheme. Thank you Capcom. Thank you Microsoft.

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