PlayStation Move: Has Nintendo stolen from Sony?

A new video suggests that Nintendo has stolen the idea of a motion controller from Sony.

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fr0sty2962d ago

Though it's old, it does reveal the truth. Sony never ripped off Wii, they just waited until they got it right.

comp_ali2962d ago

that the industry ,get used to it. everybody stealing ideas from each other. Sony, steam stole achievements from Microsft. X360,PS3 stole online gaming from PCs. And the same apply to games, especially FPS where all game look the same.

CodyNagel2962d ago

PS3 stole online gaming from PC? What are you smoking? I want some, NOW!

nikola9872961d ago

lol :D you really believe that? :D

bjornbear2961d ago

face it, all this tech emerges parallel / along side due to certain barriers/limits being over come in general.

truth is, Sony and Nintendo have even mentioned the Kinect tech went through their R&D *looks at eyetoy* but they dropped it seeing it as bad investment, so MS took it up.

no one copied anyone, but there is always a first in the consoles dating all the way back at the 80's (just watch AVGN crazy peripherals episode and you'll realize nothing we have today is ORIGINAL)

Mini Mario2961d ago

"Sony never ripped off Wii, they just waited until they got it right."

Right up until "move" was announced motion sensing was a gimmick to sony and microsoft.

What sony is trying to steal is nintendo's thunder

freezola752961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

About Sony stealing Nintendo's tech. This video is solid proof to show otherwise! Look at the controllers! That's 2001 and this is 2010! Sony obviously was NOT satisfied with how the tech was shaping up at the time. We've said it time and time again, Kinect was also something that Sony was working on. They even had a game called Kinetic, Eye Spy... man they we're experiencing with all of this stuff unbeknown to a lot of us! Maybe this was why they never really stressed the fact that their tech was being hailed as a blatant rip off of Nintendo. Damn Stabbed and shanked up by Nintendo once again.... nice last word Sony.

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Christopher2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

1. Wii didn't steal from Sony.

2. We know Sony didn't steal from Wii, they just took too long to implement their technology that is similar in controller design and concept of interaction.

3. This won't stop people from saying the Move is just an HD Wii controller. Even people who know how far back the technology dates still call it that. It's fun to be derogatory towards certain companies on the Internet.

FENDR2962d ago

i wonder if nintendo still mad because sony left them and made better consoles,games,network and now better motion controller witch nintendo stole from sony in the first place...

himdeel2962d ago

...if SONY and Nintendo had played nice all those years ago on the disc based add on. Guess we'll never know...

eagle212962d ago Show
eagle212962d ago

Next time I stumble across the many all time greatest games list, I'll be sure to laugh at tyour comment and the disagrees. :)

AK462962d ago

I believe it was Nintendo that passed on CD-ROM, because Sony wanted a percentage that was to high for Nintendo.

WhittO2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I think Nintendo were absolutely gutted with the Success Sony got with the PS2 compared to their GC.

I think they feel really smug now that Wii has made so much money, but it is still an inferior product that has barely evolved in the past almost 4 years.

It seems like Nintendo are keeping all of their money rather than funnelling any of it back into the Wii (such as expanding online service etc) like Sony has been doing.
Except for Advertising of-course, they are still spending a great amount of money on that...

theEx1Le2961d ago

@whitto, this goes further back than the ps2 vs gamecube -_-

WhittO2961d ago

I know, but in terms of success of Sony compared to Nintendo, PS2 ruled them all!!

peyote2961d ago

yeah I bet they're really mad they made so much money compared to sony. what planet are you living on?

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Sitdown2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

is this the part where we pretend the power glove never existed?....or have we decided that it is nothing like motion control and is therefore irrelevant?

eagle212962d ago

Damage control at it's finest. Who had the balls to bring it to the public first? Who made it popular? And what was the Power Glove? The only truth is that Sony took the nunchuck design from Nintendo. :)

kneon2962d ago

Do you mean the Wii nun-chuck that looks a lot like the left half of a dualshock, minus the d-pad? The Move navigator is much more like the Move Wand minus the glow ball than it is to the Wii nunchuck.

eagle212962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I can't share your delusion sorry. I can't share the delusion of 70% of the comments on this page. lol :)

Ladies and gents I bring you exhibit A:

who stole wha wha what? LMAO :)

BrianG2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I love that little phrase I've been seeing a lot lately, from Omega4 mainly Damage Control. Since when was a someone pointing out through video proof that something isn't the way everyones been saying it is damage control? Its called shedding light on the truth, instead of the "assumed" truth many people like yourself seem to accept.

And also what better time to release a 3D input device, like move, when they are starting 3D gaming. It makes sense to me, 3D input for 3D games.

And for your nun chuck argument, I looked at your pic, they are different, note the Move nun chuck has buttons, yea, those are buttons. Shit, by your logic we might as well say the 360 controller is the same as the Dualshock, since design and button placement doesn't matter.

kneon2961d ago

The physical form of the nunchuck and navigator are pretty different, so do you think the existence of a nunchuck type device is what Sony "stole" ?

The concept of the Wand predates the Wiimote by at least 5 years, just look up the patents. The need for the navigator is so blatantly obvious that only an idiot could think that Sony stole the idea. They have the wand that handles the functions of the right side of a dualshock pretty well, but does nothing from the controls from left side. They had to add that functionality some how, and another Wand doesn't cut it, you need an analog stick to do player movement well. So you end up with a device similar to the wand minus the ball, but with the controls from the left half of a DS. Personally I would have just put the analog stick on the Wand and made you use two but I guess they wanted to keep the costs down.

spectyre2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

How come guns all have triggers and hammers? How come all chairs are basically the same? Sony followed the logical path for a motion device. If you have that big of a problem with it maybe you should replace all the chairs in your house with big rocks or logs since those are the original chairs.

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WildArmed2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

This is super old.. and similar videos have been put up on N4G MANY MANY MANY times.

There is no DOUBT that Nintendo made motion gaming mainstream (well a little), w/o them MS and Sony probably didn't think these were worth the investment (until PS4/x720 or so)

fatstarr2961d ago

so does this mean sega and Nintendo came up with 3D first?
computers had motion control first if you want to get super technical.

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Titanz2962d ago

Come on now, we're all passed that point in our lives where we accuse other companies of stealing.....

Oh wait, I forgot what site this was! :P

Sneak-Out2962d ago

this not the first motion tech video, i have also see once with Eric Lempel from 2003

beardpapa2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

in a sense, Sony was going for 1:1 motion. Nintendo was going for gesture motion.