Fall Games Preview: The 30 Most-Anticipated Releases

Metacritic: "Like Hollywood, the videogame industry seems to have a bad case of sequelitis as it heads into its blockbuster season. But, unlike most movie sequels, game sequels aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and many of this fall’s biggest titles look to improve on what came before.

Below, we look at the 28 top game titles scheduled for release before the end of the year, plus two major hardware additions. The platform exclusives are listed first; on the following page, you’ll find a list of upcoming games that will be released for multiple platforms."

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I only want 4




NBA 2K11

number473015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

but not a pc one? Or listed under multiplatforms..

What exactly does that make it?

so funny.

I guess its the pc/delay that makes it exclusive..? timed..?

Venox20083014d ago

Epic Mickey
DK returns
Castlevania LOS
Dead Rising 2
Super Scribblenauts