Making the Switch: Preparing to Abandon the Xbox 360

DS writes, "Hello all. For the past three years I have played nearly all my console games on the Xbox 360. It had nothing to do with bias; ...The thing was that multi-platforms were all that held my attention at the time....

So why then, if I’m so content with multi-platform gaming, would I be switching from one console to another? Well, it has a lot to do with last week’s reveal that we would be paying more per year for Xbox Live. I mean seriously, do they not think that fifty dollars a year is enough? I heard that MS made something like a billion dollars off the service last year, yet they are increasing the price. I don’t think it’s fair. I had thought about switching primarily to the PS3 for my online gaming a while ago, but with this announcement I think the time is about right...."

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Karooo2961d ago

why would you abandon the 360 before Reach, fable 3 and gears 3. they are all awesome games.

yewles12961d ago

It's just one dude... you focus on YOU getting said games.

TotalPS3Fanboy2961d ago

he knows that Reach, fable 3 and Gears 3 are not worth the price hike.

Godmars2902961d ago

Heck, he can still play Reach, get some multiplayer in, before the hike. Buy a few months before the fact, just as MS wants people to do.

iiprotocolii2961d ago

A pricehike in XBL isn't amazing even with games like Reach, Gears 3 and Fable 3 coming out.

The problem is *justifying* the price increase. There's no substance that is *game* related with the $10.00 increase that Microsoft is adding. The majority of the features that are available on XBL (such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are all FREE everywhere else and don't offer any game-related perks to which GAMERS can take advantage of. Why should we have to pay $59.99 a year for a service that is Peer-2-Peer with applications that are free outside of XBL? Is this fair to those of us who JUST want to play online?

Each passing year, the idea that Microsoft folks are nothing but a bunch of money-hungry bastards proves true. If there really gave two craps about their community, they'd offer a yearly subscription with basic online privileges for multiplayer gaming. Instead, they want to force-feed these unwanted applications to us. Xbox fanboys can try to justify this all they want; but it's bullshit either way.

Natsu X FairyTail2961d ago

Because he's not interested in playing another HALO GAME another Fable and Another Gears?

use your brains bro.

Pennywise2961d ago

You can say the same thing about the 360 year after year using the same game names, different rendition. It gets old.

raztad2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I have to reckon Halo:Reach looks sweet. Clean visuals, nice gameplay. Not interested in the multiplayer part but in the SP campaign. I might buy a cheap xbox by the end of next year just to try out, what is likely to be the best Halo game ever. Gears 3 sounds interesting as well.

BTW. This is kinda off topic.

A jaw dropping good quality KZ3 video. ENJOY

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Scotland-The-Brave2961d ago

He does make an excellent point about why microsoft are robbing bastards, but he is missing out on fantastic exclusives from both systems.

Lets see how omega4 can spin this :)

iamnsuperman2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

He makes a good point.......The problem I see is the Microsoft is holding on to there big 3. That might be fine to some people but buying a £200 console for 3 exclusive just is not worth it in my opinion (and that is not adding online cost). But 360 owners might be distracted by getting a PS3 because of it being £250 in one go but these people need to realise it is just £250 unlike the 360 which is £200 plus the cost of live to be able to play online. SO in a way first time 360 owners end up paying more. For current 360 owners it isn't economically reasonable to get a PS3 (depending on how long the 360 life cycle is-anything over 4 more years it cost more to have a 360)

Scotland-The-Brave2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I totally agree with you, but you can get the basic xbox 360s for £140 in the uk from argos or amazon, and live for £35 which makes £175. But ps3 is still better value if you want wireless internet, rechargable controllers, larger HDD.

iamnsuperman2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

That's not a bad price.....I went with the larger more expensive 360 because it is easier to compare without going down the route of bigger hard drives....I guess the average casual gamer isn't bothered at having anything bigger than a 4gb hard drive especially if they are picking this up just for kinect and then again probably will not buy live unless they plan to buy other games like halo which then they need the bigger hard drive