Gran Turismo 5 at Room299 writes: Today we took a look at Room299, a room to make the PlayStation 3 breathe. All facets of the PS3 will be presented as well as the lineup of games coming. Obviously hear Gran Turismo 5 also matched with the release date on November 3rd. Which version of GT5 we will wait and see, but you will at least keep them informed.

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comp_ali2965d ago

Looks great. nice to see non-shooter game attracting attention at last.

cobraagent2965d ago

this time the driver is pretty good actually

manfurismo2962d ago

is the biggest non shooting franchise that sells these days

ExplosionSauce2965d ago

Game is turning it out the be pretty amazing. Can't wait!

manfurismo2962d ago

It is awesome! Roll on November!

anti-gamer2964d ago

from the first vid (0:05-0:15) is that ps jaerbraker folder on XBM

cobraagent2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

The PS3 is just a debug unit