This Liquid-Cooled Xbox 360 PC Hybrid Costs More Than My Car

Origin PC introduces The Big O, a gaming PC with all the bells and whistles, including a liquid-cooled Xbox 360 Slim built right in, and it can be yours today for the price of a small used car.

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ipwnall2989d ago


Almost all of Xbox 360 games are on the PC, so why bother?

SilentNegotiator2989d ago

Who in their right mind WOULDN'T pass?

KratosGirI2989d ago

Getting an RRoD on that thing would be a bitch to replace lol.

Fishy Fingers2989d ago

You've got warranty, plus RROD is generally caused by excess heat, something you wouldn't ever have to worry about if it's water cooled.


Actually I have a friend that has his 360 inside a common ATX horizontal case... The thing is already nearly overheat proof with a simple fan cooler, it don't even come close to 60°C so the soldering never suffers. Fair to say he is a technician, but from what I see, 360 is more PC-like than we thing, it barely need adaptation to go ATX and it's fairly cheap to do. This thing in the story on the other hand, it's a PC + Xbox 360 inside the case, so maybe it has a reason to use fluid cooling and cost so much.

It's a shame 360 could have been such a better console with simple changes like if its design allowed direct airflow to inside parts... For sure when they had the design ready MS didn't expected the solder law that forced use of lead free solder, but still MS could have redesigned the 360 if they weren't so preoccupied about rushing to the market and having a headstart.

Jacobite2989d ago

Cool Impressed, but why or is it just one of those mad notions lol

Fishy Fingers2989d ago

The PC in top spec is a complete beast. Going from that to the 360 would probably be a big step down, but I guess if you want all the games in one place, its a good (but crazy expensive) option.

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The story is too old to be commented.