Top 15 Games that Changed XBLA Forever

These 15 Games changed the face of XBLA as we know it, for better or for worse.

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shoinan2961d ago

I mean I dunno if it was that important but I sure loved it. Also, Braid not number 1? I mean, c'mon. Still, good list.

cain1412961d ago

If it were the best games of all time I'm sure braid might have moved from 2 to 1 haha...

And I love trials HD as well...

Fred-G-Sanford2961d ago

My favorite XBLA games so far are Shadow Complex, Peggle, UNO, Trials HD and The Maw, in that order.

Not that anybody gives a crap, of course. lol

Christopher2961d ago

I don't get what people see in Braid. Was bored out of my mind with that game. Even for a puzzle platform game it just didn't interest me at all.

cain1412961d ago

I'm so glad that the 50 MB limit went away.

kasasensei2961d ago

Me too! but my old 20gb hdd, i mean 13gb, disagrees! :p

Haly2961d ago

Good choices there, although obviously it should be entirely different if we're talking top 15 XBLA titles!

keklar2961d ago

Great way to look at these games, nice choices!

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The story is too old to be commented.