Analysts: Xbox 360, Madden August NPD Winners

Game industry analysts have weighed in with sales forecasts for August 2010 ahead of the expected release of US market data from the NPD Group this Thursday.

Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter forecast software sales of $445 million, down six per cent compared to last August’s $471 million.

“We expect August software sales to be down again (the sixth month out of eight) due to a lighter release schedule and weak catalog sales momentum,” he said in a research note. “Despite sales growth of five per cent year-over-year for top release Madden NFL 10 (announced by EA), we think that last year’s Eidos’ Batman: Arkham Asylum ($38 million) and Nintendo’s Wii Sports Resort ($37 million) presents a difficult comparison. We expect music genre sales in August to be $8 million compared to $25 million last August, with the impact from declines lessening each month going forward.”

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Bigpappy3015d ago

Don't like Pachter in gaming. He should stay in the finacial sector. Again this is obvious with the reach bundle selling so well and the other sku's still doing well.

IHateYouFanboys3015d ago

question - has Pachter ever been right about anything video game related? im struggling to remember anything that hes said that wasnt blindingly obvious (like 'Call of Duty will dominate this month') that actually came true.....

cayal3015d ago

Didn't he say ME2 to PS3?

dredgewalker3015d ago

He's sorta cheating I think. It wouldn't be below him to have informers from different companies.

IHateYouFanboys3015d ago

he also said ME to the PS3 3 years ago. and gears of war to the PS3.

basically if its an exclusive and not first party, he'll say its going to the other console.

siyrobbo3014d ago

he said live price was going up last year

SnukaTheMan3015d ago

Ahh well....theres always next year ps3 fans...

big_silky3015d ago

Helen Keller could have seen this coming.