Rock Band 3 Pro mode Hands-on - Everybody Plays

Yeah, playing a plastic guitar's fun, but wouldn't you want to play the real thing? Everybody Plays takes Rock Band 3's pro mode for a whirl on keyboard, drums and guitar.

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Myst3015d ago

Hmm as much as I like this 'realism' feel to the Rock band game play I don't think I'll be jumping on board. After evaluating it and what I could do with my own guitar I've decided to just pass on it and use Rock band as a means for fun and the like. Not to worried about bass because I'll probably get one soon thanks to Scott Pilgrim...

Overall though I can't say that I am not amazed at the work they seem to have put into this pro mode and pro guitar stuff. Certainly a nice thing for those who really get into those gaming-jam sessions.

sa_nick3015d ago

If you have a real guitar you can buy the game, go into practise mode and play to a song minus the guitar track with the tab scrolling down the screen. That alone would be awesome.