Pirate gamers face more sanctions - Halo Reach

The developers behind Halo: Reach have taken another step aimed at cracking down on pirates. Read on after the jump

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Scotland-The-Brave2966d ago

yeah, but dont you think they should be more strict than just wiping the pirate's credits? I know its good for the actual community when they buy the game for real, but i think the pirates should be banned from playing the game (if thats possible).

HeroXIV2966d ago

They should put a [pirate] clan tag before their names, and disable movement of their characters completely. So they can play, but they just stand there getting killed. XD

Christopher2966d ago

This isn't just for pirates, it's for people who own a copy of the game early as well.

They haven't detailed yet if/how they're going to ban people with pirated copies of the game (meaning, the digital release of the game from XBL). I'm thinking that upon release those may become invalid and only retail releases can be played thereafter.

Scotland-The-Brave2966d ago

@HeroXIV - Yeah that would be really funny, but then you would probably hear guys bitching and screaming over their mics all them time lol

@cgoodno - How did some people get a copy of the game early (apart from pirates)?

Trey_4_life2966d ago

Good to see the most pirated console this generation finally take some action, microsoft still playing catch up with sony in this department.

gamingdroid2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

The most common way to get a game early is to go to a mom-and-pop shop that really don't respect release dates. Mostly because they can't compete on price/incentives for a game compared to big box retailers.

They usually sell it to you early at full price!

poopface12966d ago

This is about BUNGIE resetting everyones stats on launch day because some people are able to obtain real copies early. So its about reaetting stats of people who got the game early from stores.

It states that microsoft says they can tell whos playing real copies and who are pirates and they will trak action against them.

But this article is about bungie reseting the stats of early buyers because they want a level playing field for everyone when the game launches, not resetting the stats because they are pirates.

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DlocDaBudSmoka2966d ago

but i dont undersand what is so great about the halo franchise. i played H:CE and want blown away. maybe bc i was already used to power rangers, that fought alien invaders.

dredgewalker2966d ago

Halo has its old school shooter roots so I don't dislike the game for what it is. I played the first Halo but I am unable to play the other series because of console preference but it still is a good game by any standards.

DirtyLary2966d ago

Halo is this generations UNREAL and QUAKE.

despair2965d ago


more like the console version of Unreal or Quake, no matter how good Halo is on consoles it never reached the expectations of PC FPS players, thats not trolling its just the difference in the genre on the different platforms.

Forbidden_Darkness2966d ago


(Sorry, the kid inside me just had to say that...)

Karlnag32966d ago

you have a kid inside you? What a sicko.

Scotland-The-Brave2966d ago

well i suppose its better than him inside a kid lol

LarsoVanguard2965d ago

Best. Song. Ever.

The shredding won't end!

Christopher2966d ago

So you admit you watched Power Rangers? Interesting...

TheBand1t2966d ago

Who didn't watch power rangers as a kid?

Forbidden_Darkness2966d ago

Yeah, Power Rangers was awesome back in the day, now they are just gay...

darx2966d ago

What's up with the lame ass avatar?

DlocDaBudSmoka2966d ago

i actually used a real pic of me made up in icp make up

kaveti66162965d ago

What's up with these kinds of comments? "I know I'll get disagrees for saying this..." Then don't say it. We already know it's a subtle troll attempt. You have a comment history, man.

You don't get what's special about Halo? Good. I don't get what's so special about Uncharted 2, but the game has 150 fucking GOTY awards, so I don't enter Uncharted 2 threads, saying, "I know I'll get disagrees for saying this..."

DlocDaBudSmoka2965d ago

so you're going to cry about something i done understand? It's funny bc i just said i dont understand the popularity of HALO. not once did i say UC2 is the be all end all of gaming. So try again to call me a troll bitch.

kaveti66162965d ago

No need to call me a bitch. I'm not going to bubble you down for saying it, but don't personally attack users on this site or you'll get banned for a while.

Secondly, I'm not whining. You don't need to come to a halo thread and express your confusion as to why it's popular. If you don't understand by this point then you should just accept that it's not your cup of tea.

Demon's Souls is not my cup of tea and you won't see me entering DS threads expressing confusion about it's popularity.

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Karlnag32966d ago

Question: If I get my legit copy early can I play it early without getting banned?

gamingdroid2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

MS likely knows who has a legitimate copy and who doesn't. They probably reduced their parameters to the point that there is no other explanation than pirated game.

Imagine the negative PR that would ensue if they mistakenly banned a legitimate copy?

poopface12966d ago

Bungie will reset everyones stats because they know some people get real copies early and they want everyone to start on a even playing field on launch day.

Microsoft says they can tell the difference between a pirated copy and a real one.

so obviously bungie knows some people will get realy copies before the launce day.

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