JoyPads: The Fall Of Reach Feature

Week today, Halo Reach will be released worldwide. Here at the JoyPads, we decided to make a feature for Reach and the past Halo games. This feature will consist of the upcoming events, on which Reach is under attack by the Covenant, and the events of Halo Wars and the Halo trilogy plus ODST.

Warning, Spoilers will be used in this feature.

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Garrus_Vakarian2989d ago

"The Covenant want to know Earth’s location, so Captain Keyes initiates ‘the cool protocol’ which will prevent the Covenant knowing the location of Earth." Lol. They failed so hard with this. It's the "Cole" protocol.

Garrus_Vakarian2989d ago

Here's another mess up, "With the Flood released, a 343 guilty spark is released." His name is 343 Guilty Spark. That's not what he is. He's the monitor of Installation 04(Halo CE's Halo).

Garrus_Vakarian2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

There are so many errors in this feature. Geez I sound like such a nerd correcting them. It's just that if you're going to be writing an article that's supposed to fill people in on Halo's story, you should do it correctly, with no errors.

Wido2989d ago

I think you have miss interpreted in why I said 343 Guilty Spark. You aren't going to say a installation monitor has been released. Nor does it say that in Halo when watching the cut-scene. Seeing as its covering the story, you are going to say its name rather than what it is.