Gran Turismo 5: Complete Best Buy Demo Footage (Damage Model, Rallye and more)

Gran Turismo 5 is gearing up to become one of the biggest racing titles ever. Best Buy has had the chance to host an extensive demo of Polyphony Digital's racer, Cynamite collected the complete footage in case you missed one of the 11 videos.

Included are videos detailing the damage model, Rallye, twilight races and more. Enjoy!

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RedDead2964d ago

I take it they weren't premium crashes?

Bobbykotickrulesz2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

There really is a shitload of GT5 videos lol.

I bet if you searched the web you'd find over 9,000.

Montoya2963d ago

Because it`s the best racing game ever crafted.

GiggMan2963d ago

Wow it seems like everyone is in a destructive mode today.

Drive safely people.

CoxMulder2963d ago

"Crash it! Crash it! Ok, now reverse it."

Man, PD should've never put damage in the game at all.

It's all the media seems to care about the last few weeks.

Just hearing these shitty "journalists" obsess over damage without being able to even take a simple corner at the right speed makes me sad..

Can't imagine how it will make Yamauchi feel.

Jeremy Gerard2963d ago

he didnt care how the millions of GT fans felt when he kept them in the dark on GT5 details and took 6 years to make what is turning out to be the least advanced modern racer on the market.

Do you hear that car? It sounds like a Nintendo arcade racer from 1992 LOL! Forza has the actual engine sound of the Galardo, the supposed King has phony synthesized motor buzzing LMAO! MAN this game sucks, and whats with those blocky shadows geez!

PSFan1002963d ago

I agree with you CoxMulder, alot of the videos show a complete lack of gaming skills and they're suppose to be gaming journalists?!

Jeremy Gerard, if forza is soooo good why are you reading articles on GT5, since you've already made you mind up with which is better. I'll assume you're a jealous 360/forza fanboy, therefore your opinion here is void.

2963d ago
Jeremy Gerard2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Trust me there is nothing to be jealous of. I can get a more realistic experience on Burnout LOL!

Plus, it doesn't matter what I am, what about the facts that are staring you in the face? GT5 has no interiors on 80% of the cars, crappy damage, crappy ice physics, crappy shadows, super crappy audio, only 20% of the cars will be modern late model vehicles made after GT4, and it took them 6 years to make. These are all facts, nevermind me, this is unacceptable. Forza, Burnout, NFS, Dirt all beat GT5 in these areas.

[email protected] What the F are you talking about, 4 of the things you said were factually untrue, and 1 is purely opinion, Im talking facts your making sh%t up?

The_Beast2963d ago

lmao keep it up bro.

ur owning urself by saying retarded stuff like that. keep up the good work

PSFan1002963d ago

@Jeremy Gerard
LMAO!! trust you? trust some random person from the Internet? Noooope. I've played forza and dirt2, i own Burnout: P and i prefer the Gran Turismo series over all of them. You seem to to be having a hard time comprehending what a fact and opinion is.
You need to look up the words, fact and opinion, "crappy damage, crappy ice physics, crappy shadows, blah blah blah" because these are opinions. Your opinions. You believe they are facts, "These are all facts, nevermind me, this is unacceptable." you are wrong, FACT. *pats head*

CernaML2963d ago

"crappy damage, crappy ice physics, crappy shadows, super crappy audio,"

Looks like you don't know the meaning of facts. Now go F- yourself. :)

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RedDead2963d ago

Well any way you look at it, Crashing is aways a part of racing, those who say the real driving sim, it's not just driving, it's racing, a risk of driving in real life is crashing by making stupid judgement or just a mistake. In racing it's a big risk, it's a reason you would never want to race, because you might crash and die. I mean can you honestly say the biggest racing sim of the last 5 years shouldn't have crashes in it?

It's a simulator and the last time I checked the laws of physics are applied in real life. It should be the same for a sim.

iPad2963d ago

I think I'm the only one who likes the damage model.

Before you say I'm a GT Fanboy, GT5 is gonna be my first real GT game.

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DSco42963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I have to admit, the damage model looks a bit weird at times :)

lastdual2963d ago

Since GT isn't really about crashing, it'd be nice if we had the option to simply turn it off. As is, it looks bad enough to be distracting.

Square2963d ago

What an awesome compilation of great videos - I'm totally excited to get my hands on that game!

KudeMuken2963d ago

Never knew a game with so many vids before the release.
But despite that: looks good

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