Sony 'taking necessary action' to battle PS3 piracy

Sony has told CVG that it is taking "necessary action" to protect PS3 from software piracy - following the release of new security-related Firmware last night.

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supremacy2991d ago

Has the right mindset here- from hardware to softwre, we are working to make sure the content offered on ps3 is protected.

WengYong2991d ago

If you are indeed against piracy, and have respect for developers and publishers, then kudos for Sony.

I dont mind paying money for a good product, whether it be a game or a car. You get what you pay for

Red_Orange_Juice2991d ago

Go Sony!

Why don't you hackers design, manufacture your own console and then jailbreak it?

WengYong2991d ago

at time of posting I have 2 disagrees. Either you are Microsoft fanboys, Piracy fanboys or both.

jack_burt0n2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

keep piracy just to the xbox360.

comment is only intended to omega, commodore, hallmark lol

have you heard, mass effect 2 is on ps3!? delicious.

fedex6822991d ago

I wouldn't want piracy at all.

Both Microsoft and Sony should do whatever it takes to fight against piracy.

gamerzBEreal172991d ago

don't you guys realise all the trolls just want to be known on this website? they want nothing more but attention why give it to them?

big_silky2991d ago

Have you heard, PS3 is STILL 3rd place no matter what games it gets?

morganfell2991d ago

Haven't you heard? The PS3 has closed the gap to just 3 mil. How long do you think you can keep making that comment?

cayal2991d ago

"Have you heard, PS3 is STILL 3rd place no matter what games it gets?"

Lol this fail of a comment just explain the mindset of the 360 fanboys.

Your concern is sales and not games and that is just rich. I'd rather PS3 be third and have a plethora of games to choose from than be second and play Halo 3 or Gears or Halo ODST or Gears 2 or Halo Reach or Gears 3.

testerg352991d ago

morganfell, oh I dunno.. it is getting tiring saying PS3 is in third for FOUR years. How long can you keep saying PS3 is closing the gap?

Oner2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

@ above ~ Not for too much longer it seems...seeing how they will be 2nd (in sales that is) real soon. And if you really want to be accurate there are more WORKING PS3 than 360's right now, so in essence the PS3 has outsold the 360 because their ratio if sold/working is higher/better than the 360 ;P

Also isn't it funny how the 360 LOST 1st place so quickly and is constantly losing to a console that has ALWAYS been more expensive! So they lost to a cheaper console with less power and are also losing to a console that costs more, has better features, overall better build quality AND with more games/devs/'s a no-brainer...if anyone can't see that then they're just ignorant.

morganfell2990d ago

Uh, as long as it is closing the gap. And considering the 360 had a year head start in the US and Japan and a year and a half head start in the EU and elsewhere, you should be asking how long is the PS3 going to continue to outsell the 360 worldwide?

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ico922991d ago

am i the only person on N4G that doesn't give a damn if the ps3 has been hacked or not ? but what surprises me are these rampant 360 trolls, who are acting like this is the end of the ps3 despite the fact that the 360 and the wii for that matter has been hacked and there still selling, im not a gaming historian or anything but i think the only instance in gaming history where hacking/pirating was a factor to the end if a console was with the Dreamcast, i remember when people were burning Dreamcast games off the internet and onto blank CD's or something like that.

tatotiburon2991d ago

lmao the reality check: sony 1 hackers 394..guess what? people who doesn't update can download and run ps3 games and soon ps2 games.

TotalPS3Fanboy2990d ago

Playing MW2 single player campaign over and over again for the next few years just isn't fun.

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Sneak-Out2991d ago

Thx God for this .. PSJailbreak sucks

shoddy2991d ago

you'll get zap and update zap and update. It's not worth it.

PS3 is a great value.

Dark_Overlord2991d ago

however I like the idea of MKV support and being able to play my old PS2 games :/ If only Sony would just implement these, the Ps3 would be perfect

raztad2991d ago

I dont think the "hack" would allow you to play PS2 games on non BC PS3s ever. It sounds like a big lie to me.

Narutone662991d ago

I bought a 60 (now 320) GB BC PS3 way back in 2007. The best investment I made on a gaming console.

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MarcoGT2991d ago

PS3-It only combats piracy

even if it fails at the moment, atleast it's trying and hopefully it will completely stop hackers.

Fishy Fingers2991d ago

There goes the share price of a certain calculator manufacturer.

Hellas132991d ago

At last something funny..:)

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