Brutal Killzone 3 Multiplayer Footage Emerged

A new video shows brutal gameplay footage of the Killzone 3 multiplayer modus.

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TheObserver2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Lame ass german sites always steal youtube videos and claim it as their own. Look at the logo on the video. And why do you guys keep approving and submitting lame german sites?

TheObserver2962d ago

How do you get the source? They disabled the link to youtube or reuploaded it.

ChronoJoe2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Search on youtube; Killzone 3, filter to: upload date. Usually it's one of those.

I've seen this video early yesterday, cause I browse youtube for videos, in the manner described above.

morganfell2962d ago

In Firefox right click on text a few lines above the embedded video. Sweep across the video to a line or two below. Then right click on the highlighted text - not the video and choose View Selection Source. When the page pops up just go to Edit and then Find and search the word Youtube. It will show you the link.

In IE you have a similar ability by looking at the page source from a selection in the top menu.

AllroundGamer2962d ago

thx for the link, i always wait for someone to post a direct youtube link, cause i don't want to support that crappy site... also Helpful bubble+ to you, don't you wanna stalk those damn contributors and always post a direct link in the first comments? i would give you always a bubble+ for that ;)

Akagi2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Oh hell yes. KZ2 still my favourite MP game on console by far this generation.

nickjkl2962d ago

why isnt evveryone raging at the skill that allows to primarys

morganfell2962d ago


Ha ha, I usually post the direct link when I see it as most often it isn't their video in the first place. Besides, they uploaded it to youtube. If they aren't asking for direct linking then I don't know what is. Otherwise people just go to Youtube and browse.

Ravage272962d ago

i'm worried too, but i trust that things will be balanced after the beta

blackpanther252962d ago

i am guessing they did that especially for snipers that want to have a sniper rifle and a assault rifle so that they can be useful in midrange combat as well.

The rockets are secondary weapons only!!!! So they removed it as a primary. I noticed from the other video that the rocket takes longer to shot and it is slower

nickjkl2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

black panther are you out of youre mind

nothing good comes from a class that is good at all ranges

thats why i liked killzone 2 the pistol is youre support weapon 2 shot kills on a full health target 1 shot kill on a wounded enemy

youre saying its okay to have a person with a sniper and a assault rifle making them a class that is good at all ranges which is terrible

i know thi si played cod and having 2 main weapons is pretty much an overpowered perk it might not seem like it but it is

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DelbertGrady2962d ago

It's not us who approve it, it's the über-schnitzel crew. And as we all know the N4G mods don't give a sh!t as long as it generates traffic.

pwnd_of_lol2962d ago

Killzone 2.5..

Looks pretty much the exact same for me IMO.

Wanyal2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Controller responsiveness looks a lot better compared to Killzone 2.

SixZeroFour2962d ago

how can you tell? it doesnt exactly show controller input and video at the same time

and anytime there is a video about gameplay (for any game) and the player sucks, it makes the game itself looks boring, dont you agree? we need to see someone that is good at the game playing to see the action in full effect

Fishy Fingers2962d ago

If you played enough KZ2 it should be pretty easy to recognise. From just a few seconds I can see they've reduced the "dead zone" in the aiming.

Bathyj2962d ago

OMG Fishy. You actually get it.

I never had any "lag" in KZ2. I never found I pushed the stick and there was noticeable delay before the screen moved.

What I found was there was a slight deadzone on the stick, so the very slightest touch wouldnt move it, you had to press just a little bit more. Thats not lag.

Whats more, I love this neuance, more games should have it, and it should be on the triggers too. Ever play a game where the R2 would move the tiniest bit and accidently shoot? A tiny deadspot would mean you only shoot when you mean it.

-Alpha2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Regardless, the responsiveness in K2 led to some frustrations. Scoped sniping showed the best evidence of how well they improved the controls.

The deadzone/lag simply made CQC way too clumsy and it was unnecessarily difficult to follow an enemy with your iron sights. I actually think they got the controls pretty well after they did that patch, and the only thing that remained was issues with death/server lag, etc.

The great feel of Killzone was with its recoil/kick and heavy feel, yet people attributed the deadzone feel as the reason.

As long as guns still take into consideration kick, etc. then I am fine.

ddurand12962d ago

They designed the game that way. So youre lying, or exaggerating.

It was part of the "weight" of the characters.

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4me22962d ago

"The great feel of Killzone was with its recoil/kick and heavy feel"

This is excatly why I like KZ. If GG happed to remove or significantly decrease the recoil/kick in KZ3 the game will have basically COD feeling.
This would allow then to sell more copies(COD crowd) but KZ will not be KZ anymore.
The controls made KZ( in multiplayer) kind of difficult game. And I like difficult, it makes more challenging do be good instead for just going for perks/rewards. This is probably that average Kill/Death ration of top 120 players is 1.67.

mustash20032962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

"Using various demonstrations could be angetestet extensively including the multiplayer mode of Killzone 3 on the PAX 2010th A new video now shows many new scenes." Sentences like this are why I am tired of google translator haha

JohnApocalypse2962d ago

There was a spawn kill (or kill spawn) there. They'll most likely have that fixed in the full game

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