Viktor Reznov Confirmed Returning for Black Ops

After Gary Oldman was confirmed to be returning for Black Ops in one form or another, rumour circulated the internet that the plot for this game could be a continuation of the story from World at War.

This morning Activision confirmed that it was indeed a continuation, announcing that Gary Oldman would be repising his role of Viktor Reznov.

Also along for the ride are Dark Knight Screenwriter David S. Goyer and actor Ed Harris.

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Hades13372968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

We already knew this, he was in one of the first trailers.

Still, having the talents of Oldman (one of my favourite actors) and Ed Harris on board is undoubtedly a coup.

pythonselkan2967d ago

Brilliant News! :) I thought he was going to be just a simple side character.. but looks like he has an important role :) Loved WaW's story!