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Eurogamer: "R.U.S.E. offers a pleasing dichotomy: historical wargaming, but with a spanking, modern engine, and a clever new interpretation of intelligence versus counter-intelligence. Granted, it takes some liberties with historical facts and the efficacy of certain weapons, which will doubtless grumble-up the odd purist. The cut-scenes are as rubbery as ageing Edam, and it's just so hard to care about the story that drives the campaign, or the characters that inhabit it; they only really serve to reduce the level of polish somewhat. But none of that is where R.U.S.E.'s appeal lies. It's brave, and manic, and fun to play, and that's everything it needs to be."

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r0gueZA2967d ago

hmmm, scored higher than I thought it would.

a08andan2967d ago

Really happy that they start bringing RTS:s to console now :)

Drjft2967d ago

I'm not. RTS will NEVER work on console.

m-s-8-22967d ago

HOw did you come to that conclusion?

fooltheman2967d ago

and did you already tried it with Move?

amiga-man2967d ago

Drjft normally i would agree, i love rts games and would never consider playing them on a console, but i think the move controller (if it is as accurate as it seems) could make the difference.
I look forward to trying it out.

kerrak2967d ago

Somebody 10 years ago:
"FPS will NEVER work on console."

RedDead2967d ago

Halo wars, while being the simplist RTS ever made, did work. Online was great.

ElementX2967d ago

Dune: Battle for Arrakis was on Genesis/Mega Drive. It was in the early 90s. You were probably still on your mother's teat at that time.

Chubear2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

RTSs on Consoles work. Maybe not just how YOU want it to work exactly like PC RTSs but they work and are fun none the less

Battle for Middle Earth & Endwars both show this clearly this gen (now so does RUSE) and others have on past gen consoles.

RTSs on consoles are getting better and better so you either love RTSs and want to game or your just a big cry baby whinning about not having exactly what you want because it's not a PC

TheIneffableBob2966d ago

RTS games will only work on consoles if they focus more on strategy and less on action. RUSE fits this nicely.

A high-action game like StarCraft 2 would never work, though.

mittwaffen2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Move is still limited by a missing keyboard.
RTS do work on consoles, but they are shit/limited compaired to their pc counterparts.
Keboard/Mouse+1920X1080+smoot h (not jaggie city) graphics.

Consoles are a cock block to any RTS, but they do work..just alot worse than the pc counterpart, im sure move will help it slightly.

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il-mouzer2967d ago

of course RTS will work on consoles, you will just need to remember complicated and unnecessary button combinations and commands for the simplest of tasks, unless of course you are given kb/m control

it might work with move mind you, however imagine yourself after a five hour session RTS gaming pointing at the screen with your hand... you'd probably end up getting carpal tunnel syndrome - I'd rather have kb/m control

ArchangelMike2967d ago

More people get carpal tunnel syndrome from using a keyboard and mouse...

anyways I have tried Move, and it convinced me that Sony is onto a winner. Trust me (or don't) when you try it, there will be very little to say against it!

il-mouzer2967d ago

you'll end up getting CTS faster :P
but of course I was just joking, people didn't understand that

if move is really that precise than rts might work, however you'll still loose a lot of macros without the keyboard

mittwaffen2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Statistically more people use PC's than consoles. Of course more people would get it..but a console controller naturally forces your hands into carpal tunnel state over long periods of time (tendons tightening/muscle memory).

A pc you can have a mouse/kb that will keep your hands as flat as possible. Not even worth shooting down a kb/mouse.

Baka-akaB2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

for starters il mouzer , you come with the wrong assumption that you need to constantly keep your arm rather straight , pointing at the screen as if you were shooting a gun , like sometimes on wii .

With move so far , it seems far more lenient and easier to play relaxed

il-mouzer2966d ago

fair enough, bubs too btw

I'd still like to see people scrolling through all those menus which some strategy games have, with the move of course

Monteblanco2967d ago

It's definitely not a problem but rather a design decision that will probably fells right to most gamers. However, I have a big problem in playing a historical scenario where you can actually construct new units while marching on the enemy. It is a personal problem of my with most RTS but I can try to overlook it in a more fantastical setting, but I found it harder when playing in a historical one.

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