PALGN: Kinect Hands-On

The motion control wars are about to get into full swing. While the Sony Move is only a few days away, Kinect for Xbox 360 has been confirmed for an 18 November 2010 release in Australia. And while PALGN got to see at E3 this year, Microsoft’s Open House event was the first chance that they actually got to spend some proper hands-on… or ‘body-on’ time with it.

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etownone2964d ago

wow ... i'm surprised, sounds pretty good.

i wonder when the reviews for kinnect start coming in, i'm very curious to see what they say.

maybe MS does have a winner here.
hey, you never know... remember how EVERYONE bashed the Wii before it came out.

Denethor_II2964d ago

How do you walk around though, in a more core based game?

PandemicPrawn02964d ago

It read like a pretty balanced article to me, I’m not sure if they were testing the software in it’s latest builds or not.

Kinect Sports seems to be coming along nicely, The football, bowling and boxing looks pretty good from what I’ve seen. Dance central and your Shape fitness are as always sounding very responsive.

Microsoft might just pull a rabbit out of their hat with Kinect. At the very least it should provide a nice change of pace from my main gaming diet of RPGs and third person shooters. Still too pricey for a day one purchase for me however. Maybe next year once the price comes down a little and a larger selection of games become available.