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SuperStrokey11232966d ago

Gee... i wonder what this is for...

Joule2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Whoa thats a surprise

EDIT:coming article...

firmware 3.42 hidden features

EDIT2: another article will be that this update bricked a couple of consoles.
I find that funny because my ps3 hasn't bricked once with all these patches

deadreckoning6662966d ago I can't getz mah free GAMEZ /s

Dragun6192966d ago

*Waits for the official PSblog to release details on what the firmware offers.*

PopEmUp2966d ago

like the free game still work, frimware won't change anything beside adding more features :)

jerethdagryphon2966d ago

took a long time to install but no glitches in install no bricking just buisness as usual for my ps3

CrAnKiTuP_012966d ago

The web browser feels... different in a way... Broader.
A lot of the text on this website became BOLD. Never was like that before *shrugs*

Eamon2966d ago

Heh, this is most likely the patch everyone's been waiting for.

Now, will the cat and mouse game continue or is this the unlikely end of PSJailbreak.

pimpmaster2965d ago

i guess this is the end of psn. ill use xbl for online since its better and ps3 for offline.

TotalPS3Fanboy2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

added the following features into this new firmware update:

1. Chrome
2. Cross Game Chat
3. Universal XMB-In-Game-Music
4. Party System
5. PS2 backward compatibility
6. Grass for Mafia II

Then the hackers will be very tempted to update. And they WILL update.

jack_burt0n2965d ago

pimpmaster bought a ps3 LMAO thanks for supporting the cause.

sikbeta2965d ago

Ah... no additional info in the PS-Blog about this update, come on Sony, tell everyone that the pirates dream is over....

Lifendz2965d ago

Yeah, amazing how a few consoles bricking are made out to be the next coming of the RROD. Best part was that whole clock problem that lasted all of a day (if that). I remember that getting so much attention from so many pro-360 sites that I began to wonder if these guys weren't really closet PS3 fans. I mean, if you're so pro-360 then why get all butt hurt about a PS3 problem?

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LordMarius2966d ago

Gee... It could be for...nah...but...just maybe...

Joule2966d ago


akaFullMetal2966d ago

not for cross game chat, I was told by a sony rep that it wouln't be on psn til next year. and it would by on playstation plus only.

PopEmUp2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

care so much about the stupid cross game chat, it like bunch of retard talking together over a different games, how the hell that a good feature, it was shit on the 360 so I don't see how that be good on the ps3

shoddy2966d ago

is it update proof and you can play future games?

serious question though I want to know how good is this hack.

If hackers lies about all this then I'll laugh my head off.

badz1492966d ago

"Several users who updated to PS3 Firmware 3.42 have now confirmed that Sony has indeed patched the PS3 exploit used for PS JailBreak, PSGroove and PSFreedom as expected so it is advised you do NOT update if you plan to use them." - LOL Sony is actually doing something! let see if the hackers can coup up with the FW updates!

vhero2965d ago

Only people who care about cross game chat are the people who are sad enough to compare xbl and psn features as its one of the few features xbl has over psn. So if you are happy with paying £50 a year for Cross Game chat then XBl is for you.

blahblah2965d ago

Disable chat and voice chat by default [yes] [no]

or MKV support. but, hell will froze over before i get any of these two

3dawg2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

people always ask or hope for x game chat. I have only about 25 friends online they're people I know personally with those numbers the chances of 1 or more online is pretty slim. All I'm saying is if you're like me you won't care for that feature. But if you're one of those people who are so bored and lonely that you talk to strangers online while playing a completely different games; xbl is for you, you just have to pay

k2d2965d ago

Haven't sat down with my PS3 for over 3 months now. Guess it's because I need to use a PC to game with my friend over the net.

I'm not hating, but Sony should come clear about whether or not it's inbound.

morkendo232964d ago

glad i dont use my ps3 phat60gb for online gaming sure would go crazy all these firmware crap i still have ALL my features from day one.

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jwatt2966d ago

Lol I don't think Sony is going to tell us what this one is for.

UnSelf2966d ago

*in b4 fruitless updates*

chazjamie2966d ago

oh no, now i have to waste my cap getting this update.

Hydrolex2966d ago

those Hack things are detected in this update

vhero2965d ago

Yep along with the PSN update last week this now makes your console detectable if you use the hack. Whether it blocks it remains to be seen... This is also a forced update as you won't be able to connect to PSN without it.

omni_atlas2965d ago

Use a proxy, or setup your DNS to point to one with the update bypassing install. Thats what some people are doing, keeping 3.41 while still having access to PSN.

nickjkl2965d ago

omni that doesnt work no more

bomboclaat_gamer2965d ago

u can still connect to psn without the latest update
i can confirm that

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Sarcasm2966d ago

It *Could be something to prepare for PS Move and has nothing to do with PS Jailbreak

Nitrowolf22966d ago

i think that is to big to be kept, i would expect them to say it on ps blog

jerethdagryphon2966d ago

move needs no aditional support it uses similar memory and system resources to ds3 any additional info will be in game isntalls

Dsnyder2966d ago


Urrakia342966d ago

i noticed that too since i constantly use it. im using it to post this reply actually ;)

nix2965d ago

you could post using PS3 browser for a very long time. N4G's new look did help..

i just hope i can comment on Facebook. and when you're on Facebook... the whole system always hangs.

thong_pounder2966d ago

none of the hacks work after the firmware confirmed

raztad2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )


It seems the party is over. As expected the patch was just a matter of when. Those hackers used a cheap backdoor to get access to the PS3 debug mode. Now the door it is shut, doubt the calculators/smartphones/dongle s will be of any use.

BTW: Enjoy playing offline.

sikbeta2965d ago

lol raz, I know what are you saying, but you're on a roll man, stop killing their hopes... :)

AuToFiRE2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

glad that jailbreak is over with for now. gamers should buy their games, not be crooks like M$

BannedForNineYears2965d ago

Wow, this will only end well for Sony.
Think about it, look at all this publicity Sony is getting from this!
It's epic really.

vhero2965d ago

Wonder how many bought aps3 and though "free games!" and is now regretting that decision?

lace2965d ago

The disappointment will only last until they realize how many great games the ps3 has. *Sets up camp for GT5

kevnb2965d ago

with complete firmware updates all the time.

pixelsword2965d ago

It's cross game chat.


morganfell2965d ago

Well the PS3 haters will tell you that you don't need to go online that having a Jailbreak version with old firmware is more important. Yet those same people say that X game chat matters. Which is it?

gtamike2965d ago

Ok im not updaing and now getting another PS3 :)

2965d ago
MrAwesome2965d ago

Oh snap! I bought a calculator for nothing...

MachinaMaw2960d ago

Something tells me those hackers will be back shortly...

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MGRogue20172966d ago

Interesting.. *strokes beard*

2966d ago
UnSelf2966d ago

I second that

*has stroke*

Megaton2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )


*strokes UnSelf's corpse*

Edit - I love how I'm the only one with disagrees. Not a necro-friendly crowd, eh?

poopsack2966d ago

Well I guess we've

*Strokes nipples, puts shades on*

come to an agreement.

tiamat52966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I wonder what it could be *strokes nearby porcupine* 'Ouch!!!! Damn it!!!!'

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Jrome2965d ago

Lol was my comment offensive x_X...anyone know what the update is for yet?

Irnbruguy2965d ago

*Strokes your beard too*

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DeathsAmbition2966d ago

Sony worked pretty fast on this one..