Watch a calculator jailbreak the PS3

Maxconsole: "After all these years of 'security', it is just incredible how this exploit is making a mockery of their system in so many weird and wonderful ways. Check out the laugh of the year inside."

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Karooo2989d ago

they "hacked" the ps3 sending it to debug mode.

Hackers deserve a round of applause bravo. Cowards.

deadreckoning6662989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

lol kartik..dude chill. I honestly find the irony funny. For years it was said that the PS3 was a mere calulator can do the deed. If u can't see the amusement there well...

@Disagrees- You people take this way too seriously.

AndrewRyan2989d ago

Somebody is butthurt because they are not getting free games. Really dude you need to chill everything gets hacked you don't have to have a sissy fit over it.

3XP2989d ago

"It only does" Ti-84, Smartphones, USB

It would be so damn funny if you could hack it with a nintendo DS...haha

badz1492989d ago

when I think back about it, this is exactly the way hackers show how pathetically sad person they are! for almost 4 years they had tried and failed to hack the system, now that they got somebody stealing Sony's code to bring the PS3 to debug mode and they rushed to the internet posting pictures and videos of themselves practically saying; "look, I can copy and paste files on my flash drives and it works!!"

shoddy2989d ago

Even a calculator can do it?

They pretty much stole the key to the door from the home owner and make more.

It's more of a thief then a hack.
No need to spend $170 for a USB.

KingME2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Perhaps it took 3 years before anyone tried, then some kid sitting in science class got bored and decided to surf the net on his smartphone and read on N4G that the PS3 was unhackable.

He then proceeded to pull out his ti-84 and cracked the PS3 before class was over.

So 3 years to try it, and less than an hour to do it...just kidding guys.

@jwatt - (below) pull your head out of Sony's butt, you not going to receive free PSN Plus for kissing their a$$.

jwatt2989d ago

I have to say Congrats to Sony for making a system that was so hard to hack people claimed it was unhackable. Well people thought the Titanic wasn't sinkable so these hacks shouldn't be a surprise. I'm just curious to see how Sony will fight this.

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absolutecarnage2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

LOL it is kind of funny that a calculator can be used to hack the unhackable ps3.

sucks for the gaming division but i hate to tell you this when somebody makes a remark the ps3 is unhackable , it kind of puts up a challenge out there to some people and now look at the end result a frickin calculator LOL

Karooo2989d ago

they didnt touch the hypervisor or anything, just used a debug mode exploit.

Its pathetic. Unlike 360 which was opened and violated the day it was launched.

Blaze9292989d ago

you seem upset. you mad bruh?

Karooo2989d ago

I wonder why sony isnt releasing a firmware, maybe they want this to destroy the 360.

PS3 is 3 years old anyway so i guess its no big deal

danmachine2989d ago

you make it sound so dirty.

badz1492989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )'re happy?


the 1st exploit was using a programmable USB stick - the simplest form of flash memory! why is it using a calculator/smart phones which are definitely more powerful and complex than the USB stick a news? because it has flash memory? why are people so happy promoting this hack? do we have more pirates here than gamers?

Hudahudahuda2989d ago

I like repeating things other people post on the internet over and over and over again. It makes me feel unique, special and funny.

Immortal Kaim2989d ago

I love how you guys are even turning which system is more easily hacked into a console war sissy fight, man you're pathetic. At least us gamers are getting a good laugh out of it. :)

absolutecarnage2989d ago

The only person that needs to STFU is you Kartik21, PS3 is hacked get over it, Don't get your panties in a bunch I guess it does do everything including being hacked

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GaMe012989d ago

I know there Motto is it only does everything it should be

It only gets hacked by everything

Blaze9292989d ago

i gotta admit, that was pretty darn funny.

GaMe012989d ago

I'm not a fanboy either check my latest post about me buying my Ps3 and loving it. I do have a sense of humor and in no way am I down playing Ps3 I love it I just like to be funny

Axecution2989d ago

It's hilarious that Blaze929 thought that was clever. XD XD XD lmao. Wow. rofl

cp682989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

'Watch a PSP jailbreak the PS3' story erupts.

This is absolutely pathetic..wonder how sony will respond.

danmachine2989d ago

the ps3 remains unhackable in a way, since they had to steal the software/hardware from sony to do it. nice hacking skills, stealing shit.

Anton Chigurh2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

the Hackers managed to run Unsigned code so that means the PS3 is 100% hacked

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