IGN: BioShock: Infinite - The Future of the Past

Innovation within a genre is hard enough, but innovating within your own franchise? That's a very tricky proposition. If you don't change enough, your title might seem irrelevant or even cynical; change too much and the core of the title – the sprirt – can be lost, along with your fans.

It's a delicate balance – and one that Irrational honcho Ken Levine is very familiar with. The developer's latest title is BioShock: Infinite – a release that appears to hold only a cursory similarity with its predecessors. However, as you'll read, the heart and spirit of the series is still there – and much more.

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Cevapi882988d ago

must have some connection to andrew ryan for this to be a real bioshock sequel/prequel

Urrakia342988d ago

but its NOT a sequel/prequel. jus sayin.......

capjacksparrow2988d ago

It may be possible that this is where Andrew Ryan was raised.

mugoldeneagle032988d ago

And with all these previews I don't know if I want to. The way Levine keeps talking about Infinite it seems like the game and story will be way more original, which was key for me not buying Bioshock 2.

Who knows, maybe I'll give it a go once Infinite gets closer

2988d ago