9.0 Mafia II Review Mafia II is a game that can transmit without delay the pace of a gangster movie in Empire Bay 50s, with an intriguing story that will snatch them from the earliest stages of the game. Being in the role of Vito Scaletta will take you to savor the style mafia in its various forms, from the street up to the upper floors of power, with references to culture itself. Gameplay and well-stocked in the context narrative leaves no doubt about the quality of developers, although a limited and deliberate interaction with the environment and the quests almost hidden by the main campaign may not comply with the purist free-roaming to 360 degrees. The lack of online multiplayer component was compensated by additional downloadable missions These did not change the main story. A title that deserves to be played just to live with his film cutting and relentless pace of action that never bored along its approximately 15 hours of play.

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