Labor Day salute to video game's hardest working stiffs.

Go!Gaming "Labor Day is a day of rest for all of the hard working Americans that have been subject to back breaking labor 364 days of the year. But since this is a video game website, we’ll simply be talking about the iconic video game characters with the toughest day jobs, because they definitely deserve the day off, with pay."

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Murgatroyd72967d ago

Really, this whole article could've been just about Mario...that guy's had nearly every job known to man!

Lediard2967d ago

I feel bad for the SCVs, I just smoked a truckload with a colossus a few minutes ago. Definitely not paid enough, imo.

omicron0092966d ago

SCV should at least have pistols for some protection, they are sent into the war with nothing, so sad.