Cover System And Map Editor May Come To The Next Black Ops, Treyarchs Domination Has Begun

Treyarch has done it! Multi-player is unbelievable and once all the gamers get their hands on this title you will realize that this is thee best Call Of Duty to date.

This interview reveals a good amount of info so you don’t want to miss it, watch the Interview Below

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deadreckoning6662990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

@Inevitable Haters- If u dislike HHG, please..leave. Theres absolutely no need for the SAME people spewing the SAME crap on a weekly basis in HHG articles. HHG gets the hottest breaking gaming news on the with it. Considering HHG openly prefers the PS3, for him to give this much love to a multiplatform game says ALOT about the talent of Treyarch as developers and HHG's passion for great games, exclusives or not.

@omni25p- Funny..I knew it was a HHG article as soon as I saw the title. And if ur nt interested in HHG's posts..why did u bother commenting after you "mistakenly" clicked the article???

ipwnall2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Dude, did you even watch the interview? Here's 2 points that I'd like to make.

1. I wasted 6 minutes of my life to just listen to this guy because I'd know he'd be wrong. One, they said "it's a good idea", not that it'll be coming. And it won't be coming to the "Next Black Ops" because there'll be a new COD, not a new Black Ops.

2. There's already a feature to make maps and it's on the PC version. Mod tools FTW.

Everytime I hear this guy, I ponder how the hell he gets these interviews. His questions didn't take time to think of, he usually talks more than his interviewee, and a bad rep.

-Alpha2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

So basically, he lies again? See, I like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I don't like wasting my time with his videos. It's safe to assume he will continue to rely on dishonest tactics. It's a shame that guys like him are where they are at. It's not jealousy as much as it is shamefulness.

Pandemic2989d ago

Who in the world approves these articles.....

omi25p2990d ago

as i said i saw the name of the artical thought it was interesting, clicked it and its hhg who has put video up on monday instead of sunday, i will just have to be more careful.

EvilBlackCat2989d ago

im going to ignore this shit too >>>(COD BlackOps) just like mw2.

Im happy with ARMA 2 and Op Flashpoint DR

i pass

waiting on the new Ghost Recon.

socomnick2989d ago

Once again HHG speaking out of his ass.

TrevorPhillips2989d ago

Socomdick, if you don't like HHG or his articles, go and read a different article on N4G. I'm pretty sure there are lots on N4G.

atticus142989d ago

haha despite my hatred for all things activision i have been slightly excited to see what becomes of black ops since mod tools are back in... (hoping for another Star wars mod like MW1 - Galactic Warfare) and this headline had me thinking that once again things are looking up...then i click play on a whim and i realize what i have done, an HHG post....

Im going to go take my lashings now.

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omi25p2990d ago

You sly fox HHG im alway careful on sundays on what i click on because of your posts, i wasnt expecting that on a monday il have to step up my game inorder to avoid making this mistake again.

Nitrowolf22990d ago

well they said it was a good idea, not that it will be in black ops
how ever possibly for future cod titles,
If they do this (which i don't think they will since acti loves DLC for cod) that will be the best thing to come to console COD series ever

Noobasaurus_REX2989d ago

I think it would ruin the CoD experience, just like destructible cover would

DelbertGrady2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It's the Manchildgamershow, featuring Token Blackman! Let's get retarded! Too late.

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The story is too old to be commented.