Why Call of Duty: Black Ops can be the best in the franchise

In development by Call of Duty stalwarts Treyarch, Black Ops is shaping up to be one hell of a ride. While Infinity Ward steps away from the franchise after last year’s record-breaking Modern Warfare 2, it’s now up to the team behind the great World at War to up the ante and expand on the modern battlefield that we experienced in the last Call of Duty title.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I certainly hope so for the 10+million that will buy the game. Im not taking any chances this time tho, i have GT5 LBP2 and Halo Reach to buy!

I must say tho objectively, from some of the videos they are AT LEAST making an effort by doing things differently. They listened to the community this time which is always a good thing. For all i know this can be a very good game.

badz1493017d ago

by NOT having a public beta? yeah, right! AV and even anybody can keep hyping up the game but you all will see that this will look exactly like CoD4! - a 3 year old game!

vickers5003017d ago

Listening =/= obeying every single demand. They've listened to and implemented a LOT of suggestions made by the community, so I think they're doing quite a good job so far. Besides, maybe, just maybe, they're talented enough to develop the game to not have so many glitches.

And who gives a crap if it looks like CoD4 or not? This may surprise you, but not EVERYBODY cares about graphics.

getonmylev3l3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

A public beta to the community is just a way to play the game early. Hardly anyone reports back to the devs.

Beta = Early Demo.

badz1493017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

it's kinda like a requirement to make sure a game is stable, balance and hopefully glitch-free! every other high profile FPS have it and even Halo has it where we know that Halo offers more in the online department in term of features compared to any other game available right now! CoD4 and [email protected] had the beta and they turned out to be successful but MW2 did not and you know how that turned out and that was from IW - the very dev that turned the table around and made CoD as HUGE as it is right now! there's only 1 explanation to this and it's AV don't want to spend resources to accommodate the beta! you know, why should them? sheep will buy the game regardless and next year, there will be another CoD!

I agree that not everyone reports back but when you have a beta in the volume of several thousands of players, a 100 feedbacks will do tbh because beta is just a stage before gold and devs pretty much think that their games are good enough already thus giving the chance to the public to find any fault and feedback for anything they can still add before releasing the game. almost everybody is doing it but not the largest publisher on earth AV which just last year released the glitch-fest MW2! isn't that ironic? not so much actually!

xTruthx3017d ago

and no dedicated servers for consoles, which I find retarded

-Alpha3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I'm fine with p2p.

Also dedicated servers doesn't guarantee no lag. I've experienced server issues many times with games like Killzone 2 (Death lag especially).

p2p isn't the best, but it works fine for me apart from the occasional bad host.

ddurand13017d ago

Ive never had an issue with non dedicated servers.

ddurand13017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

double post.

Pilkingbod3017d ago

I like the idea of it being set during the Cold War, but MW2 was more of the same to me. This article certainly increased my attention, though.

Brewski0073017d ago

I think it'll certainly be Treyarchs best if all the hype is to be believed. Those guys deserve a big hit. They've taken alot of heat for being the underdog developer in the past. This title has all the ingredients for them to step it up a couple gears.

badz1493017d ago

don't EVER believe the hype! especially when it's for CoD and from AV!

CatGlue3017d ago

I love how they've redone multiplayer, I think they will be hugely successful.

Jeannius3017d ago

OMG I love CoD games, especially the campaign mode :D Can't wait to see this one!

hellerphant3017d ago

Hopefully this time Treyarch get it right and provide a first class experience that us CoD lovers expect. So far this is looking to be an A+ title but I am still a little worried. If anything it should provide us with more of that multiplayer mayhem we all love so very much!

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