Emily Rose working on Uncharted 2 DLC

A Sony spokesperson says: "Now that Emily is just back from filming Haven she will be working with [Uncharted development studio] Naughty Dog on some DLC content." So much for the Uncharted 3 theory.

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Hoje03082990d ago

Hmmm...could be single player DLC for the rumored GOTY editon. That, or Sony is just doing damage control so we can all act surprised when U3 is officially unveiled.

Bloodraid2990d ago

I don't really think anyone is going to be surprised when they announce it, we all kind of know it's coming eventually (just like everyone knew a Resistance 3 was coming).

Anyway; looking forward to whatever it is.

Hoje03082990d ago

That's what I meant when I said we can "act" surprised.

RayRay362990d ago

Voice acting for Multiplayer DLC? I think not.

morganfell2990d ago

It very well could be SP DLC. Such was just released for Bioshock 2. It could also be Co-op DLC where your character provides automatic VO.

Then it could also be Uncharted 3 or a PSP version. Either of the above is great news.

danmachine2990d ago

in the last title update that they updated the way they do multiplayer skins so they can add voices to them in the future. thats why previous dlc skins had no voice.

Bloodraid2990d ago

It could be something for the voice patches for Downloadable characters? Their latest patch [1.09?] enabled voices to be added to DLC characters, didn't it?

JonDiskonected2990d ago

makes sense, a while back when people asked for more co-op dlc, they said it was hard to do, since they had to record more lines from the actors....

Kamikaze1352990d ago

It would be cool if it was an extra chapter in the single player campaign that paves the way towards Uncharted 3...maybe we can get a cliffhanger or a tease.

swiftshot932990d ago

Damage control. There has to be an Uncharted 3.

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