Top 10 US PSN Downloads (August 2010)

Most big releases from August make the list, with exception to Shank and Castle Crashers. Both of those have only be available for a week or two. PlayStation Plus free games also make a splash.

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zireno3017d ago

scott pilgrim is such a great game, and the sound track is amazing, I just would have liked a longer game

Myst3017d ago

I completely agree with your post, best PSN game I ever downloaded. Kind of wish it had the online co-op but over all it's already an amazing game.

Soundtrack is great as well, got that as soon as I got the game. Even made two of the songs my notification ringtone and my main ringtone.

zireno3016d ago

yeah!! online co-op would have been awesome, too bad they didn't put it on the game but man, it is seriously one of the best games on PSN.

*high fives*

I also got the game soundtrack as soon as it was released and put the first level song as my ring tone!

Myst3016d ago

Another Winter is an awesome song :D, at least I think that's the song for the first level. That's one of them I'm using as well and Scott's anthem as my ringtone.

*High fives*

Glad to know I'm not the only one who made one of the songs a ringtone

I'm kind of in the hopes that they could patch in online co-op. At least if enough people asked for it, though can't say I care to much. Having a blast playing by myself and occasionally with friends.

BannedForNineYears3017d ago

F5ing the PSN Store like a madman."


3016d ago