Prince Of Persia Confirmed For Wii

It is official, Prince Of Persia will be coming to Nintendo's new console, the Wii

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mikeeno75388d ago

Great stuff. I wonder if the Wiimote will add an innovative twist to all the martial arts moves. Imagine the possabilities...

ChickeyCantor5388d ago

if you played POP with a gamepad you know there allot of buttons needed ( garding, attacking, jumping etc)
i think the Wii version will use just the normal controller.

Killswitch5388d ago

Stop talking back to your father. Nintendo is the daddy of the consoles remember that...

ChickeyCantor5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

im just saying need allot of buttons im just wondering how the Wii-mote is going to work wit POP....if its gonna use the Wii-mote then ill be glad playing with it.

the first thing that will be new in my room is the nin-Wii.

wakkiwakko5388d ago

I can only imagine once scenario where the wiimote could come in handy. And that's balancing on poles and such. The POP could be played well with the wiimote. It has enough buttons. Jump/Attack/Action/Secondary attack/etc. More than enough buttons. You can use the nunchuck for walking. Of course the game would need a fixed camera angle like the one presented in Mario Galaxies.

I just hope the game is playable and enjoyable on the wii.