Is All That Violence Really Necessary?

Game makers want to be taken seriously, but it is difficult if they cannot find a better way to engage us in the story, other than endless killing.

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SeanRL3016d ago

Lol, I went through all of Uncharted 2 thinking Drake was awesome and then at the end *spoiler alert* when Lazarevic asks you how many men you've killed I just kinda stopped for a minute and thought. Nate must have killed at least a couple hundred men.

Yardie3016d ago

But most of them were wearing bullet proof vests, which means that they were planning to get shot at some point in the day.

RedDead3016d ago

They were wearing those vest and carrying guns because they heard some sick bastard called Drake was going around killing everyone

Self defense

Akagi3016d ago

Who says they were ALL killed? Some might have only been wounded.

kaveti66163016d ago

No way, akagi. I made sure they were all dead. I even shot their corpses in the heads to make sure.

Also, I love violence in games because it's my only way to vent. I work for a company that does market research over the phone. I have to call 500 people a day and ask them to do surveys with me. Of those 500 people, only one or two agree. The rest hang up, don't pick up, or curse the shit out of me for inconveniencing them for a few seconds.

One guy cursed me out so bad yesterday I felt like quitting. But video games provide me the opportunity to be as violent as I want without hurting a single person.

OmarsAccount3016d ago

I don't find my enjoyment in the violence in the game, I'd rather do without the excessive gore or blood. With graphics so realistic nowadays, honestly tearing a body up doesn't give me enjoyment. Call me a pansy if you'd like.

I don't like games to be fun because they are violent, the way I find them fun is if everything is well executed and enjoyable. The blood and gore gets in the way for me.

ZombieNinjaPanda3016d ago

Simple, don't play games where violence and killing are the main gameplay mechanic.

The thing this writer doesn't understand is, that he is basically saying "I don't like Cherry flavored ice cream, but I'm too lazy to try something different, so I'll keep eating it but then complain about it".

Really take me for example. I got tired of playing multiplayer online games, so I switched to Single Player for a while. It's not that hard to do something like this.

dillydadally3015d ago

@ZombieNinjaPanda That's not at all what the writer is saying. He is basically saying he goes to he store and ALL THEY ARE SELLING is Cherry flavored ice cream. He wants to see lots of different flavors and he only sees one. What's wrong with asking for more diversity and ingenuity in games?

Despite all the killing, Uncharted 2 is in my top 10 all time list, but I agree with the author's sentiment. Portal is amazing and doesn't use violence.

Oh yeah, and @kavei6616, you had to be that guy, didn't you? There's one in every discussion.

ZombieNinjaPanda3015d ago


But the thing is, there are other options that the writer can choose from, which is why I feel my comparison fits better into this situation.

I mean if all we had were shooters and violent video games, then yes, yours would be 100% correct.

dillydadally3015d ago

@ZombieNinjaPanda Yes, I see your point. I was exaggerating when I said that's all there was. There are great games out there without killing. I guess the sentiment of the article that I agreed with was there aren't enough - although there are options, they are sparse, unless you want to get into casual games *shudder*. I think the industry could really use more innovation and creativity.

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omi25p3016d ago

Is All That Violence Really Necessary?

Nope but it sure is fun

THC CELL3016d ago

Are do gooders really Necessary?

Megaton3016d ago

Yes, for target practice.

It's not necessary, but I do love me some violent games. I was pretty pissed that Manhunt 2 had to be censored, even though I'd agree that yes, it was really freakin' violent. There should always be room on the market for ultra-violent games from devs who want to make them, and for adults who want to buy them. The average gamer's age is over 30 according to several articles and studies I've read in the past couple years, so can we please start acting like it?

That goes for sex too. I demand more sex in video games. It's like a megaton controversy bomb just to show boobs.

T9X693016d ago

I think the author brings up some good points, like Nathan Drake killings hundreds of men just for some lost treasure. Was it necessary? No, I'm sure ND could have came up with more creative ways than to kill people, but killing in video games is fun and people enjoy it. On the other hand, games like Mafia 2 where its set in a violent time period and being the Mafia and all you would think it would be a super violent game, but it actually isn't. After completing Mafia 2 I realized how it wasn't as violent as I expected, but I wasn't disappointed either. In Mafia 2 you don't go around mass murdering hundreds of mob members or anything like that, don't get me wrong there are some missions where you take out a hefty number, but nothing like most games. I actually found it more satisfying not killing as much, because when I did, it felt more like it was suppose to happen, and like I accomplished something.

Some games don't need countless killing but just minimal to be just as satisfying, if not more satisfying as a game that does. At the end of the day though, killing countless people, zombies, mob members, aliens, creatures, etc is always great fun.

Holeran3016d ago

Is all that violence really necessary? Yes.

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