TalkTalk: Metroid: Other M Review

TalkTalk writes: "There's a real trend of games going back to their retro roots but we've seen Metroid travel the spaceship of time before. Other M continues where Super Metroid left off on the SNES in 1994. It builds on the character of Samus and it also revives the classic gameplay that made Metroid such a great experience".

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pcz3017d ago

The exploration is still integral to the game, but is somewhat more linear. The collecting aspect of the game is no more, so you basically run through the game as if it was a gauntlet, blasting anything in your path. You really just need to keep bashing the fire button whilst you run down corridors, and you will never be in harms way.

Gameplay along a 2d plane is fantastic, reminiscent of the old 2d games… this is a dream come true for those people who played the 2d games. Gameplay on a 3d plane feels tacky and just wrong… this is where it all goes wrong in my opinion.. It just doesn’t work. It was annoying how some paths you cant fall off, but others you can, so sometimes you will come a cropper just because the game suddenly decides that there will be no ‘invisible wall/clipping’ on a certain path.

The controls present no problem at first… but later in the game you will want to throw the controller at the wall when you face tougher enemies and greater things are demanded of you. Although the ’oldskool’ controls are meant to simplify things, it actually makes it more complicated, it feels like you are playing some silly party game when in the middle of a boss fight you are furiously rotating the control vertically and then back horizontally to perform the correct actions. Its frustrating and really unnecessary… they could have just used the nunchuck.

Cgi cut scenes- breathtaking, high quality. The way forward. Although the cut scenes from in-game graphics are not quite up to the same standard, they don’t have any real atmosphere or ‘cinematic’ feel. This isn’t helped by the robotic voice acting, as if made with a computer synthesiser rather than a human. Bad script lowers the tone even further. The in game graphics range from brilliant, to rubbish. But generally too dark, literally you will have to play with the lights out or turn the brightness/contrast right up on the tv because most areas are too dimly lit. The enemy character design was quite poor, I thought a lot of them were just silly and annoying.

Overall I think this is a unique game.. Its not like any other game I have played… it has a lot of frustrations but as an experience it does have its rewards. The pacing of the game is not the best, although the cut scenes are impressive, I think they are too lengthy for the amount of gameplay on offer. But there is not as many cut scenes as other reviews have made out. They are not pointless, they do actually enhance the gameplay, but I think it tips the balance slightly.

Was giving samus a voice a good idea? I think so.. Yes some parts are just unrealistic and you wonder how she ever became a great bounty hunter with such an immature attitude, but you also get a deeper understanding of both samus and the metroid universe. I liked the overall tone of the game.