Nintendo 3DS More Desired Than Kinect Or Move

The Game Informer Tech Test survey in the October issue reveals that gamers are anxiously awaiting the Nintendo 3DS. How do Move and Kinect fare?

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smoothdude2989d ago

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Enough said!!

deadreckoning6662989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Snake Eater in 3D FTW!! Man, if MGS1 and MGS2 get a 3DS remake..ill flip!! I mean Move looks pretty cool, but the lineup for the 3DS right now is just plain awesome.

gaffyh2989d ago

@1.1.4 - I seriously doubt that if you mean total sales. Possible if you mean a single year's sales.

On topic - Obviously. This is a new console, not a peripheral. The saem would be true of PSP2.

AndrewRyan2989d ago

Unless they give it some good launch titles and support. Nintendo 3DS is coming out with launch titles that are already better then all of the titles the PSP has.

AAACE52989d ago

I gotta admit, I am more interested in spending money to get a 3DS than buying Kinect or PS Move! I think they will both do well, but I just don't feel any reason to pay a lot for motion controls. Move will be more precise than the Wii mote, but seeing how I got bored with the Wii after that novelty wore off, I can't see paying for it! Kinect will have a few decent games, but ultimately I don't see a reason to buy it!

3DS seems to offer a lot more of what i'm looking for. They may boost the price of the 3DS, but seeing how much I will be actually playing it... it probably won't be that bad!

When I had a DS lite, I barely played it because of the graphics and controls... basically I felt no bond to the games! When I had a DSi, I playid it a little more, but it ended up the same way! The 3DS is fixing all of the problems I had with the older systems. Better graphics, games and controls... i'm sold!

mercsfan2989d ago

lol raped by Nintendo again, we don't need these articles to remind us :'(

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ThatArtGuy2989d ago

Let's see... a new system vs. a new accessory. That's a no-brainer.

EvilBlackCat2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

in my opinion

in ten years handhelds are going to dominate the video game market

and yessss!!! the consoles are going to die!!!!


In time you will call Nintendo



Release Date?

Gilliand2989d ago

Wow and here I thought you were just dumb when you are on 360 and ps3 articles.

MicroSony4Life2989d ago

only a [email protected] would think diffrent.

Nintendo are the trend leaders and MS and Sony are the followers this gen.

Spydiggity2989d ago

i can see the people at nintendo busting up laughing every time MS and Sony stumble over each other trying to get a bigger piece of the pie by "borrowing" all of nintendo's ideas.

GuruStarr782989d ago


so true, so true.....+bubble+

danmachine2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

this year or next? i really want one 3d movies in my hand! orcana of time in 3d!

the 3ds makes me want to go back to being a nintendo fanboy like i was when i was younger, before i got a 360 and ps3.

eagle212989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

That's when I think Nintendo is going to reveal the price, launch, and more details. :)

Can't wait like everyone else. :)

barakiu2989d ago

that was going to be my one word response.

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Hardedge2989d ago

Not very surprising, I'd easily get a 3DS over either Kinect or Move.

iamnsuperman2989d ago

lets wait for the price.....I am interested but if its £200+ then hell no way too much ( i think patcher said it might be expensive bt he isnt usually right)

smoothdude2989d ago

the PSP was $250, and gamers were okay with that. Do you believe that it was because it was a system from SONY? Nintendo is good at releasing their systems at affordable prices, so I am thinking a start price of between $150-$200.

iamnsuperman2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

$250 is way to much for a handle considering home consoles are around that price....I was just saying Pachter mentioned that it might be expenisve because Nintendo said it cost a lot to develop and they want to make a profit (I think it was on the bonus round on Gametrailers) can make your own judgement on Pachter because he can be unreliable but his does make a good argument for a high price

GuruStarr782989d ago

and i'd be totally suprised if it launches any less than 225.00.....Of course, I'd love to pay less, but when an item is in this much demand, Nintendo can pretty much ask whatever they want for it and it will still sell out, whether we like it or not....there is alot of spoiled kids out there who's parents "buy" their love....LOL

iamnsuperman2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

also i hope it isnt that price