Sengoku BASARA:Samurai Heroes Demo Hits PSN Tomorrow

"Action Fans, history buffs, Anime enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants a fun time punishing enemies: the Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes demo for PlayStation 3 gives you a sample of what to expect when it arrives on PSN tomorrow, September 7."

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interrergator2989d ago

sengoku warhawk dynamic theme and ghost of sparta demo = really awesome update:)

HeroXIV2989d ago

It looks KINDA cool, but watching that video... is it the same voice actor for every character? :\

rdgneoz32989d ago

I hope they have the original Japanese voice actors for the game, not just dubs.

Redempteur2989d ago

argh these english voices ..i really hope the demo will have both voices files ... at least the final product ...

i will miss the "Oyakata-sama !!! " of the anime greatly

Katana Yamato2989d ago

Unfortunately the US version of Basara 3 will only contain the English voice acting. Reason is Capcom wanted to keep bot the Wii version and PS3 version equal. And with the Wii's limited disc space, they decided not to include the Japanese voice acting at all in both versions.

It really sucks though. I highly prefer the Japanese VA then the US. Since ya know...this game takes place in ancient Japan and Japanese voices would make sense. But Capcom is stupid that way.

Anyway, i still do want to play the game. Can't wait to play as Mitsunari. He plays a bit like Vergil from DMC 3

Baka-akaB2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

meh the voices arent even really the issue . It was far worse and idiotic for the first ps2 games .

They wasted their time butchering names and the plot with pointless and nonsensical westernizations , because they felt the public for the game wouldnt want to play something so tied to japan's history , albeit in a purely fictional version .

I never expected japanese voices (wich would be very welcomed) , but please at least dont "fix" the names and the story .

No more Azure Dragon , Red Minotaur , Devil King and weird references to Devil may cry's plot (not even close to related) please

Redempteur2989d ago

i really hate those keep the versions equal decisions have extra space ..use it !!!

i miss the days when each console version had features that used the potential of said console .. (alladin , XIII and many others )

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Good to know.

This game have a good reception in Japan.

2989d ago