140° LittleBigPlanet 2 Hands-On Preview "LittleBigPlanet offered an awesome single player campaign, so awesome in fact that a lot of people declared it to be worth the $60 price tag alone. I was the tiniest bit worried that maybe Media Molecule had maxed out on what they could build with the original, but the new gadgets and objects found in my short time with LittleBigPlanet 2 at Gamescom have helped ease my fears."

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Eskimo Keith2968d ago

It's set to promise more than the previous game in both abilities, tools and even game genre, but will it still have that pesky thermometer allocating the limited space?

Joule2968d ago

why do you guys approve your own submissions and then comment on them?

Eskimo Keith

gamingunion shit list approved.

Sanrin2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Isn't the point of being able to comment to just add your two cents randomly anyway? At least they're promoting news, and not 'sweet headshot found in MW2' or 'massive titted cosplayer shows more tits than last time'.

Joule2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

that just shows that no one here cares about your site because you know they wont approve it.

gamingunion on the shit list

LOL just about everybody who commented on this is gamingunion staff.

how embarassing
list update: Sanrin, and mephman are part of the staff

mephman2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Maybe you should see how many things Gaming Union has had approved and how many failed.

That to me suggests people care.

Edit: You're quite the detective.

Sanrin2968d ago

Your detective skills are astonishing, mind blowing even.

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thor2968d ago

Of course it will have a thermometer... you can't build infinitely many things, it wouldn't be possible on any device. The thermometer is there to try to stop it crashing/glitching.

On the other hand, MM have confirmed that the thermometer will be more intelligent - it will take all factors into account rather than e.g. simply limiting the number of materials you can use.

Hardedge2968d ago

I'm really looking forward to this, I just hope the tools isn't as cluttered as the first game was.

JDouglasGU2968d ago

creation in the first one was a little overwhelming, but seems like they've made some welcome improvements.

Sanrin2968d ago

First one bored me after a while

cliffbo2968d ago

that's odd because most creative people would be inspired by their first creation... wasn't you very good?

Selyah2968d ago

Definitely gonna be getting this.

N4PS3Fanboys2968d ago

This is really the only game I'm interested in on the PS3. I played the first one back in 2008 before I sold my PS3. Now I might have to buy a PS3 for the sequel because it looks phenomenal. It's pretty sad to see the preorders though. You think a game like this would sell well:

North America Pre-orders as of September 4, 2010

Kinect Adventures!: 106,933
LittleBigPlanet 2: 59,903

LeonSKennedy4Life2968d ago

This is the ONLY PS3 game you're interested in?

No, it's not.

Even you don't believe that.

360 games I'm interested in: Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach (despite never being a Halo fan), and Fable III.

You are interested in many PS3 games. You just won't admit it.

Why are you releasing those pre-order numbers?

I'm not sure it matters which one sells more. One of them is winning Game of the Year.

GiantJedi2968d ago

Pre-ordered this 2 months ago...I can't wait to get that Sackboy plushie!!!

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