Tokyo Game Show 2010 Full Games Line Up

The Tokyo Game Show 2010 is getting closer by the day with it dated to take place this month how can a gamer not be excited? With PAX 2010 near its end, gamers rejoice as another highly anticipated games event is about to take place. Behold without further ado, the full Tokyo Game Show 2010 line up

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Cloudberry2964d ago

Looking forward to the secret / unannounced titles.

KiRBY30002964d ago

Kojima please announce something *pray*

RedPawn2964d ago

In Sultry computer voice.

"Jehuty Back on Line."

Chubear2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

After gear3 comes out in feb, what big exclusive do the 360 fans have to look forward to until 'maybe' Kingdoms at Christmas? I don't know so if anyone could help me out... and no lame names to artificially boast the list like Limbo2 or Crackdown the return :/

I was thinking MS were going to drop some huge game annoucements but damn, that list is pathetic. No need to mince words on this one.

**yes I know, you disagree, I just want to know these games that the 360 base are looking forward to next year after gears3

Red_Orange_Juice2964d ago

2 non-Kinect games? Microsoft, really?

PandemicPrawn02964d ago

I don’t think Microsoft are going to announce anything game wise for TGS. Don’t get me wrong I would love for them to take the stage and blow everyone away but it’s not going to happen.

They are focused like a laser on Kinect right now, and that’s ok as far as I’m concerned. It’s been a big investment for Microsoft and I’m sure they don’t want to just send it out to die. So I would not expect anything as far as big new AAA titles from them.

However I would expect some announcements regarding Xbox live. Possibly adding some features to justify the impending price increase. By the way, has anyone noticed the sudden silence from Activision regarding a subscription for COD? Maybe some of that extra $10 per year is going into their pockets.

Even though I don’t like it, I think Microsoft is right to focus almost solely on Kinect at the moment. This thing needs to be as close to perfect as possible, and there are still a lot of skeptics among the gaming community.

Once Kinect is out and succeeding (or failing), I’m sure we will see Microsoft shift back to their core audience. I think it is possible to cater for both the core and casual, but it’s a fine line that Microsoft will have to ride.

heroicjanitor2964d ago

I assume there will be another forza, but otherwise I can't think of much

Whackedorange2964d ago

As some Sony heads said before, its not about quantity but quality

Immortal3212964d ago

They know their system don't have many exclusive or the quality features in terms of multimedia. They know kinect is not for them but for the little kids. They know that in terms of games variety the 360 is lacking. They just know that as long as they can play halo, gears or fable, they really don't care about anything else.

badz1492964d ago

but to think back about it, this is TGS - in JAPAN! that doesn't ring any bell? 360 is pretty much a non-contender for anything over there and I think M$ is acknowledging the situation just as much. so, maybe they planned to be there just to tell people that they still exist beside Sony and Nintendo in the gaming business, nothing more!

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ingiomar2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

it has WoW listed under microsoft O.o

edit: they removed it

probably just a mistake

itani2964d ago

The 2 unannounced titles could very well be Shadow of The Colossus and ICO.

KiRBY30002964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

IMO Shadow+ICO = 1 title
team ICO games will probably get the GOW collection treatment, (HD, 60 frame per second, trophies)

that leaves 1 unannounced title... and my little finger tells me it's not going to be a MOVE game. here's hoping anyway.

house2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

your right and it is an hd remake of Shadow of The Colossus and ico and i hope the 2nd unknown game is ether zone of the enders 3 or the psp2. quick question why is there no Nintendo list not that i care but i would think they would be there

TheLeprachaun2964d ago

Except neither of those are 'unannounced'?

itani2964d ago

For the PS3 they are 'unannounced'

Antan2964d ago

GT5 is all i care about at this moment in time to be honest.

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