IGN: Randy Pitchford Explains Gearbox's Purchase of Duke Nukem IP

By now, most know that Duke Nukem Forever is in the hands of Gearbox. During its Sunday panel at PAX, Gearbox also revealed it actually bought the rights to Duke Nukem in perpetuity. However, there's more to the story than just one developer selling the rights to another.

In fact, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford got his start at 3D Realms working on Duke Nukem 3D's Atomic expansion with current Gearbox Vice President Brian Martel. While Pitchford left 3D realms in 1997 and founded Gearbox in 1999, he and Martel (along with a number of other Gearbox staff) remained close to staff at 3D Realms over the years

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MicroSony4Life3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

It is going to be good but no what people expected.

I dont think people dont realize that Dukes line are old and dont have the same impact as they had back then - its like saying cowabunga or narly dude, word to yo mama, they just dont have the seem impact as they had when the first were said.

The gameplay will also be old being that we have had over 200 shooters this generation and every thing but the kitchen sink has been put in them - what else can Duke do that has not been done.

I will rate this game along the lines of Saints Row which is just over the top fun and nothing ground breaking.

I am not hating on Duke cause I am one of his biggest fans but my expectaions arent as high as in 1997

Mista T3017d ago

its ok man, I can understand you because you've been waiting for this game during the full development process, but when you see the trailer they have up their sleeves you'll flip :P

ddurand13017d ago

ive heard alot about this game over the years but never followed it. nice to see it finally coming to those that have waited.

Hope its what yall have been waiting for, but its going to be coming out in a packed gaming year already. It might struggle.

callahan093017d ago

This isn't Duke Nukem Forever. This is just a complete reboot of the franchise, and it's named the same name as that old game that never got made and never came out. This is not a continuation of, expansion of, or related work to the Duke Nukem Forever we've been hearing about for a dozen years. This is a new game with an old name. And that's the way it had to be, frankly. It needed to be scrapped and started from scratch if it was ever going to happen.

morganfell3017d ago

This is what I have been posting for sometime. A friend of mine went down there to do some work with John Antal and that was how I found out about it. It's literally how Duke became Duke.

Though DNF was a long time in development, this will actually be a great way to introduce and entire era of gamers to the character.

Matthew943017d ago

people say its too late but what about team fortress 2? it was around 9 years and it seems to have been worth it

palaeomerus3017d ago

So no Bombshell or weird Miner 49er character or blue tentacle things attacking SWAT officers or "amazing" casino interior ?

Awwww. That kind of spoils the illusion.

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