PS3 is great for Watching Footy

SkateSlate: Did you know? If you have a have a Sony Playstation 3 and space left on it's internal hardrive , you can upload your HD Footy shot from a great day of skating right to it! It's great!

For Example, if you use a GoPro HD or an HD Camera either with a built in hardrive or memory card drive, you simply plug in the USB and upload it directly to the PS3. The footage will look amazing and it's a great way to review longboarding footy with your friends

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Cloudberry3017d ago

It was a Soccer (Football) footy... : l

Hellsvacancy3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Im confused, the title sais "Footy" (meanin football) but it goes on 2 mention "longboarding footy" dunno what that is

Edit: certainly aint football

ChozenWoan3017d ago

Or is he referring to the term "video footage". lol

In the end he does make a good point about the PS3 being a great multimedia hub... especially the bc 60 & 80gb models.

zootang3017d ago

Footy is football. Footy will always be known worldwide as football. Change the name or the world will never accept it. They will always ask "football!?"

mrv3213017d ago

Can we please stop calling Soccer football? Football is a game with 11 men kicking a ball.

NFL is big right? It stands for National football League. It also merged with AMERICAN Football League.

American Football-Is what EVERYONE should use but don't because Football just sounds more universal despite the fact that 700 million watched the world cup final compared to the superbowl 153 million.

Rocket Sauce3017d ago

I don't really care either way, but the fact that something this little drives everyone insane makes me feel patriotic.

3017d ago
Godmars2903017d ago

Was about to say you could use the memory card reader slots instead, but then I likely one of the few 60GB models owners out there...

A Cupcake for Gabe3017d ago

All 60s and most of the 80s had them. I do miss the Flashports

Capdastaro3017d ago

That title confused all of us from the UK...

LeonSKennedy4Life3017d ago

I'm from America and I was confused.

Football may be popular here, but the word "footy"?!?

In my twenty-one years on this planet, I've yet to hear anyone say that word without getting beat up.

BasilMarceaux3017d ago

I uploaded some vids of me an my wife playin foosty onto the youtubes. nobody watches the vids

BasilMarceaux3017d ago

This is some of my better werk, I practised for 7 hours on the coreografy.

kinetic1003017d ago

now that Match of the day is on IPlayer i guess the PS3 is good for watching footy.

Hades13373017d ago

360 has Sky Sports though. They should get Sky Player on PS3.

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