Call of Duty has yet to peak, Medal of Honor not a threat

The European Call of Duty GM, Michaël Sportouch explains that he is confident that Medal of Honor is not a specific threat to Black Ops and that the Call of Duty series has yet to peak… really?

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SeanRL2967d ago

Call of duty peaked right before Activision got a hold of Infinity ward.

hennessey862967d ago

maybe interms of pc gaming yes but interms of console gaming it peaked at cod4 which was the main reason i had xboxlive

The_Count2966d ago

As a BF fan I found MOH very disappointing. It didn't know whether it was COD or BF. I feel the BF3 beta is only to help shift copies due to what ,IMO, was a poor beta.

mrcash2966d ago

the beta was horrible imo, the campaign looks really great but the multiplayer doesn't.

nickjkl2965d ago

those that are enlightened know do not like cod

those that are blind says that cod has yet to peak

Dlacy13g2966d ago

WRONG...So very wrong. COD hasn't even come close to "peaking yet". MW2 for all its "glitches" and "complaints" continues to dominate onlive play. Black OPs so far is looking like it is doing the right things to keep the gameplay feeling fresh and the player motivated to level up.

Medal of Honor's online beta was a PR disaster for that game as even though it was a beta it felt much more like a demo to all that played it...and it didn't play well.

Elwenil2966d ago

In terms of quality, yes, the CoD series has peaked. I'd say the peak was CoD4 as it was wildly popular and was a quality game. MW2 is a damn joke. In terms of popularity, no it may not have peaked quite yet, but all MW2's popularity proves to me is that people are stupid in large numbers. I think in 5 years when we look back, CoD4 will still stand out as a good game to everyone while MW2 has severely polarized shooter gamers.

gamerzBEreal172966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

"gliches and complaints dominate online play" "MW2 is a damn joke in terms of popularity" and im pretty sure mw2 is the most sold game on ps3 are u freaking serious? you guys are way to hard on MW2 omg its not that glichy they fixed half the gliches the killstreaks arnt bad if u just shoot the Harriers chopper gunners etc one time with the javilen they leave so why do u guys cry since it launched about it? they even gave u a damn game mode without killstreaks to shut u guys up so its the perks? commando isn't that bad if u slow down and dont rush as much thermal isn't that bad if u use cold blooded theres an answer to everything the game is really even i mean i dont see why everyone crys so much call of duty is one of the best game franchises ever period now everyone who talks shit about MW2 have a tampon your vagina is bleeding

Soldierone2965d ago

Honestly you dont know what the word "peak" means....It means its highest point of sales and players, at which case COD is currently at.

After 2 clones of MW1, and other titles now challenging them, its gonna start to fall now. Espcially since BO is nothing more than the 3rd clone and Activision decided its time to start milking wallets.

So yes, COD is AT its peak, and will start to decline after BO unless they actually decide to renovate again like they did with MW with the next COD title.

r1sh122966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

its true. MOH cant touch COD, battle Field was ok (IMO), but MOH is just a copy of BC2 so why would that audience even want to buy it?
It will have limited sales and will pay for using DICE, and trying to compete with COD.
The only reason MW2 became such a big hit, is because the casual players/people started to buy it.

r0gueZA2967d ago

oooooh, you said it, not me:)

omi25p2967d ago

medal of honor is better than cod waw and mw2 but no were near as good as cod4 imo

gamerzBEreal172966d ago

how can a game be better/not as good as another when it hasn't even launched?

BigKev452967d ago

Black Ops will be COD's peaking point then it will all fall down.

HurstDarkStar2966d ago

so Black Ops is right now my cup of tea.And I know people love hating activision here (so do I, what can i say it just feels good)but medal of honor seems like crap

claterz2966d ago

Black Ops looks nothing like WAW, it's just Mw2 with different maps and even more noob features.
WAW and COD4 actually needed some skill to be good at.

hennessey862966d ago

the moment a dog jumped up at me and i died was the day i stoped playin world at war and went back to cod4

r1sh122966d ago

yea COD4 and WAW did need skill, but there hopefully will be an MLG playlist.
MW2 just awards all the noobs.
IW will fall due to this terrible game, MOH demo was complete crap.
I dont even want to touch that piece of ....

claterz2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I did say "some skill" lol, I'm just saying that Treyarch obviously think more is better, so they're adding a load of features in that will make the noobs happy, they think that making the game easy for new players makes it balanced..

gamerzBEreal172966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

some skill? dude MP5 silenced was all i needed why the hell was there more then 1 class slot when thats the only gun anyone would use? that and gay no scopes with M40A1 and claymores EVERYWHERE! it requierd 98% no skill and the 2% of skill it did? staying alive MW2 is way harder then Cod4 even with killstreaks and perks IMHO im not hateing on COD4 im just saying there all pretty easy

HSx92966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Yeah man, I feel you there, I play MW2 and I got like 30-16
I play WaW and I go 30- 4

The reason being is that in MW2 anyone is as good as you, you can be the best player, and get killed by a painkiller, or a Final stand noob, it's really annoying, it really requires no skill at all.

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