Uncharted voice actress hints at more

M2G Writes:

Uncharted voice actress Emily Rose has hinted she is working on more Uncharted, though she never went into detail.


The work she was talking about is actually Uncharted 2 DLC according to Sony Reps.

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Cloudberry2989d ago

Dare I say.........

At TGS 2010???


Maybe at Spike Awards 2010 just like Naughty Dog did in 2008, if I'm not mistaken.

Hoje03082989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

VGAs are likely if it's coming out next year, though I hope they wait a little longer this time. There are enough exclusives coming out next year.

Edit: Uncharted would make a great launch game for the rumored PSP2. ND certainly know their way around new hardware.

redDevil872989d ago

VGAs would be a sure bet. Number 2 was announced there last year.

Hoje03082989d ago

While I do think it's likely, Sony have enough on their plate early next year. They might want to save the Uncharted 3 hype train for E3. I can only imagine what ND have up their sleeves for the third game.

WhittO2989d ago

They know their way round new Hardware because they actually spend time and money to understand it!
Unlike other devs who just begin developing for it and learn as they go along, which turns out to be not so good.

Also, I'd prefer Uncharted 3 to be announced next year and launch late 2011/early 2012. There are just too many games coming out in the meantime (Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, GT5, Move etc).

Oner2989d ago

Just though I would add this ~ A few weeks back a rep from ND was at my GF's College for an orientation/scouting event and was asked a few questions by the students/perspective hiree's about UC3. The rep answered that it's in development & that it wall also have support for PS Move. I am not saying this is 100% concrete evidence, but this should be expected...hopefully we will get some info soon...but then again look at how quiet R3 has been up until recently ;)

badz1492989d ago

go ND and announce it already! I'll put aside all other games when UC3 come out and THAT's a huge compliment seeing the lineup for the coming years for the PS3 is insane!

silvacrest2988d ago

i would love uncharted on a PSP2

all that awesomeness in the palm of my hand where ever i go

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Blaze9292989d ago

I wouldnt mind an Uncharted PSP title.

nackno2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I disagreed with you simply because I want the next UC to be a full blown PS3 title. Just wanted to let you know why I disagreed =)..... Can´t wait for UC3

EDIT: I pressed disagree on 1.1 for the same reason... i really don´t want this on portable... maybe for selfish reasons... haven´t really used my PSP for a long time... but I will DL the new GOW demo that I got the code for as soon as my normal internet is up and running again... damn pre-paid mobile internet crap speeds

Zachmo1822989d ago

I thought when they announced the go there was going to be an Uncharted PSP? Wasn't there images to?

ExplosionSauce2989d ago

Not a day goes by that I didn't wish for MGS:PW to be a PS3 game instead of PSP.
I don't want the same for Uncharted.

silvacrest2988d ago

let ready at dawn or another PSP dev do most of the work with naughty dog overseeing the project

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CaptainPunch2989d ago

Hoping for a announcement a TGS

CaptainPunch2989d ago

Hoping for a announcement at TGS

Karum2989d ago

If it's being announced this year it'll likely be for the VGA's, not the kind of game that would benefit most from a TGS announcement.

I do so hope it's Uncharted 3 though...UC3 for around this time next year would just be and Twisted Metal next fall would just be an amazing way to finish out the year.

NeloAnjelo2989d ago

This will most likely be kept for E3 2011 Uncharted is more a western game. 2011 E3 will be:

The last Guardian
Uncharted 3
Resistance 3
Twisted Metal

And obviously new exclusives announced... Santa Monica must be doing something and with the other studios that have been quiet.

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yoshiro2989d ago

well, we all know sooner or later, uncharted 3 will become a reality...
i wouldnt mind a jack & dexter tho

RedPawn2989d ago

I hope Jack isn't running around with Dexter from the show, dude's psycho.

bananasNmonkeys2989d ago

A semi-leak like this happened when Stephen Fry said on twitter he was working on a new LBP.

pr0digyZA2989d ago

have to disagree it's never to soon for more uncharted. If they released one every 4 months id still buy.

PSboy2989d ago

2006: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Announced
2007: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Released
2008: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Announced
2009: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Released
2010: Uncharted 3 Announced?
2011: Uncharted 3 Released?

Just sayin

sayonara892989d ago

OR maybe 2012, 2011 is packed with Sony exclusives (I hope for 2011 - God of War 4 in 2012 and Horizon!).

Hellsvacancy2989d ago

Id imaagine Quantic Dreams next title will also b out 2012, so much 2 look 4-ward to

PopEmUp2989d ago

Quantic Dreams that I would be waiting

MrBubble2989d ago

and it turned out that it was a fake
david cage said whos ever idea it was it was interesting one but it wasnt his

Acquiesce2989d ago

I was so gutted when I found that out, because the whole premise seemed really plausible and something like Quantic Dream would be working on. And then it turned out to be nothing but a fabrication :(

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