Bungie Talks The Microsoft Years

Develop: "Brian Jarrard looks back on a decade of Halo, Microsoft, and the thirst for independence.

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MicroSony4Life2990d ago

I am glad that they have an opportunity to show there talent and make a game with no restrictions or input from the publisher.

Deadman642990d ago

imo bungie should be a little more thankful to microsoft. They made them what they are.

Hopefully they don't regret their decision, and I hope their next series is as awesome as halo is.

THC CELL2990d ago ShowReplies(4)
joypads2990d ago

you are dead WRONG its bungie who made the crap box popular amongst generic shooter fans,microsoft didn't invent or make halo its bungie who if anything microsoft should kiss their feets & for the record watch how halo dies (thankfully) after bungie leaves.

personally i hope they do make a decent game for Ps3 because unfortunately for them there aren't many amature players on PSN.

PandemicPrawn02990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

But like a lot of others you are selling Microsoft short.

Halo was never intended to be the Xbox's flagship game because of internal problems and gaming press criticism, but Microsoft did not act on these concerns. Microsoft’s marketing heavily featured Halo because the green color worked well the console's design scheme.

Bungie made a game that Microsoft simply believed in. Both had a part to play in Halo’s success.

PandemicPrawn02990d ago

Most here on N4G are quick to believe the worst when it comes to Microsoft.

I think it’s a little unfair to paint them as this Dr Doom type figure with an iron grasp choking the life out of it’s poor under resourced developers.
I think both Bungie and Microsoft got what they wanted out of this relationship, and the fact that both companies speak so highly of each other shows a lot of class and mutual respect.

When I think about how ugly it got when Infinity Ward left Activision, it really goes to show how well the Microsoft/Bungie partnership was working.

frostbite062990d ago

but bungie needs Halo, not the other way around

El_Colombiano2990d ago

Where would the Xbox be right now if it weren't for Halo? I know it's a fine platform but let's be honest. Halo saved the original Xbox.

IdleLeeSiuLung2990d ago

One could argue that other games would be born out of necessity.

uxo222990d ago

You can take any major game (franchise) and make that statement about it's console. With that being said, you comment is empty and pointless.

Also, games are built for the consoles, so one could argue, had it not been for MS or the XBOX, halo would have been a failure.

See I did what you did.

jack_burt0n2990d ago

Microsoft needs halo and halo needs bungie, bungie doesn't need either thats why they left.

The BS Police2990d ago

Were going to find out in three years if Bungie needs Halo or not.

Fireseed2990d ago

Call me old school but I remember when Bungie hadn't even first advertised Halo (And even when they did it was a computer exclusive game). But anyway Bungie was a AAA developer even before Halo, the Marathon, and Myth series had huge followings when they were launched. Hell I still play Marathon to finish all the Vidmaster challenges.

Their is a reason they reference their old school games so heavily not just cause they made them but their fans still follow Bungie.

JLeVRT2990d ago

Im gonna miss Halo. I liked Call of Dutys single player a bit better (more cinematic... well any CoD after CoD4)

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The story is too old to be commented.