Mark Rein to Announce Something “Big” on Twitter

Ve3tro writes: "Mark Rein of Epic Games has posted on Twitter that big news will be announced when he receives 2,000 followers on his account.

“I’m going to tweet some big news as soon as I break 2,000 followers – tell your friends ”

He has also stated that it’s nothing to do with Gears of War 3. "

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NYC_Gamer2968d ago

i'm not buying into the twitter hyped announcements anymore

ingiomar2968d ago

Too lazy to just press follow?

coolbeans2968d ago

He means the whole idea of hyping stuff on Twitter to only find that the announcement wasn't even worth hyping.

WhittO2968d ago

I really doubt they would make a "Big Announcement" of any meaning on Twitter first.
More like a joke announcement as "Big News" or a link to the actual press release on a website..

bozobucketeer2968d ago

Only d-bags make announcements stating they're going to make an announcement.

demonddel2968d ago

unless its naughty dogs or sony right

MysticStrummer2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Don't be stupid... oh... too late. OT - Do Not Follow

Hoje03082968d ago

Especially when they require you to be their friend on Twitter to do so.

@demonddel- You just automatically went there, huh? Seriously, get the sand out of your vag, change your panties, and shut the fu*k up.

tdrules2968d ago

UE4! UE4! UE4! UE4! UE4!

ThanatosDMC2968d ago

That's probably it actually. I hope it's like UT99 than UT3. UT99 is fast paced in your face action. UT3 not so much.

Hoje03082968d ago

Most likely not until next gen.

@tdrules- Pretty sure they've already stated that UE4 is for next gen.

hassi942968d ago

tdrules doesn't specify anything, maybe he means a new feature of UE4 to be announced...

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tdrules2968d ago

his ego?
*follows anyway*

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The story is too old to be commented.