Why The Xbox Live Price Increase Is A Small Drop In A Large Pond.

Last week news broke on Major Nelson’s blog that the price of Xbox Live is going up from November in some territories; in particular the US and Canada and to be honest this caused quite an uproar. But was this really unexpected?

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mp12892961d ago

That argument about finding cheaper cards online is irrelevant. Because the value of a card has gone up. It was $50 and now its $60, so even if you could get those cards for $30, you will probably only be able to get them for $40. So thats a terrible excuse to say it won't effect you.

Since all the new features justify the price, why don't they start charging $20 a year for xbox live silver and add only the option to play ONLINE! which is what most people care about.

Trey_4_life2961d ago

Small drop in a large pond? they are ripping you poor xbox addicts right off, you're addicted and fail to see the bad side, like a drug addict fails to see the damage the drug does to them.

Wake up guys, pride and blindness can and will only get you so far.

jebabcock2961d ago

Do i like it? no. Does that matter or will it change anything? no. Basically everyone who is paying now will continue to pay because otherwise their xbox 360 becomes kinda useless... I'm sure there are people out there who don't pay for the gold subscription and im also sure they own probably 2-3 games and have used it 3 times in the past month.. as frustrating as it is, if a price can be increased without a major loss, its in the companies best interest to do it... now is a great time, right before kinect comes out and before the Christmas rush... that way this is all forgotten about during the mad Christmas rush to get the "IN" thing...

Can't really say Nintendo or Sony would be any different... one of the few reasons why i'm glad there is healthy competition in the console industry... otherwise we would be seriously getting gouged...

I don't like it, and we can whine but it won't change anything at this point.. Does make me glad i own multiple systems though =).

zootang2961d ago

"Can't really say Nintendo or Sony would be any different"

Online is free for both of them!

Dark_Energy2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Matter of opinion but if a customer likes the service and is willing to keep renewing their subscription that's their choice.

Lovable2961d ago

It's not really about a matter of opinion because quite frankly, you don't have a choice but to pay to access half the content of the game you bought full price.

BeaArthur2961d ago

Actually it is a choice because you could just not have the feature. You don't have to have Xbox Live if you own an Xbox.

pippoppow2961d ago

They did make a portion of the game to be made playable by all. MS imposing a tax that must be payed in order to play online is not right.

Then again the industry will side with those within than with gaming consumers. It been proven Media glosses over, make fun of or ignores negative issues. Devs lie about exclusivity, not a word. Unlock DLC or the day ones, not a word. Blatant biasness from various sources, not a word. Could go on and on.

acky12961d ago

You are actually being forced to pay a fee for well over half of a game. Singleplayer nowadays is about 10 hours in general whereas people can log well over 100hours online on various games. Ridiculous when you think of it from that perspective.

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MGRogue20172961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Doesn't bother me 'cause I get my Multiplayer fix on mah' PS3 anyway.. Free Online gaming FTW.

And, I play all my single-player games on the 360.. unless I prefer to play a certain game on my PS3.

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