Mafia II DLC Gives Fans the Open World Mayhem They’ve Been Waiting For

Meet Jimmy. He’s one bad mother. If you own the PS3 version of Mafia II then you already know all about him from The Betrayal of Jimmy. Well, Jimmy’s back in all new multi-platform DLC and he’s out for vengeance in Empire Bay.

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Hydrolex2963d ago

People like you are why those companies are still in business... Boycott that crappy DLC ! All they needed to do was put a free roam for free, for a programmer it takes 5 mins

CrzyFooL2963d ago

I dunno about 5 min. But yeah, Free Roam is needed.

Sandwich Bender2963d ago

I also think it's awesome, but for the missions, not the free roam. The missions sound rad.

bfenty2963d ago

DLC already? Awesome!

SeanRL2963d ago

DLC already? Probably means they could've put it in the original game for free.

Wizziokid2963d ago

Sounds awesome, will need to pick this up

kevco332963d ago

I've been looking forward to this since its announcement. Nice to know I'm not alone!

WetN00dle692963d ago

Yeah about that, PC gamers can already enjoy open world mayhem without having to pay for it. This is something that should of been in the game for free!

greeneggsnsam2963d ago

I bought Just Cause 2 on PC and did 2 missions, and then just played in the sandbox for hours.

ian722963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Just Cause 2 is a great game to spend hours just blowing crap up. I have spent 50+ hours on that game and still not bored.
I got betrayal of Jimmy free with PS3 version and it's a good DLC. This seems like another good one.
All this DLC should have been on the disc and free though.

lolzers2963d ago

I'm going through JC2 at the moment and have spent over 15 hours just mostly getting 100% completion on any settlement near me, with the exception of some faction missions and a couple of the agency ones. I plot a course to a mission and just get sidetracked for hours. It's addictive stuff.

WetN00dle692963d ago

Yeah same here.
I like using the attack helicopters.

badz1492963d ago

heli is not so interesting! buy a Machine gun and Upgrade it to maximum and go rampage with it! oh...and equip a lot of C4! THAT's fun! the grappling hook is a genius mechanic in the game! so addictive and so much fun!

Rocket Sauce2963d ago

Just Cause 2 just hijacked this story.

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The story is too old to be commented.