There Is No Such Thing As an Overrated Game

No game has ever been the best game ever, in any category, ever. There is no best RPG, there is no best shooter, and there is no best motion controlled sports-themed mini game collection (OK, in that category Wii Sports might actually be the best, but only until Sony's Move comes out).

Likewise (and it may be shocking to hear this), there are no overrated games.

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tynam2991d ago

there are plenty of overrated game (GTA 4 comes to mind), and there are games that are the best in their genre, oblivion is the best RPG pretty easily, rock band 2 is the best music game, flower is the best wind/flower/amazingly-pretty game , etc

ZombieAutopsy2991d ago

Ha i was gonna come in here and just type GTA4, but you've beat me too it.

LeeRoyJenkins2991d ago

All Halo Games are UNDERRATED. They probably should have made a higher scale just for Halo and then judge everything else accordingly.. I'm just sayin, cause it's true.

ZombieAutopsy2991d ago

Ok leeroy you keep thinking that but Half Life is better than Halo, Im just sayin...cause it's true.

mikeslemonade2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

This is just another fan trying to defend Halo's score. There are overated games. If you talk about the meta score the overated nature can come from playing the game for like 6 hours and that reviewer might think it deserves a 10. After just 6 hours he writes the review and scores it a 10. The reviewer didn't play all the features of the game, probably didn't finish the game, nor did he play the multiplayer because multiplayer is hard to review until everyone is playing it in public. On the other hand the reviewer is trying to get the review out as fast as possible.

Then there are sequels to very good franchises. Such as there would be noway to score Mario Galaxy 2 under a 8.5 because it is Mario. Reviewers tend to be biased towards that franchise. Mario Galaxy 2 is more of the same as MG1. The same treatment doesn't go for DMC4 it comes out being the same kind of game but scores lower, and that is just one more example on how games tend to be scored higher than they're suppose to.

Brewski0072991d ago

At the end of the day its just people's opinion and media hype that makes a game overrated. I don't believe many of these games are as good as made out to be but I do believe we allow ourselves to think this because we may be looking forward to a title so much. Im the same with alot of upcoming titles and I know i'll love them, but some other gamer might just think they're utter crap.

CameronL992991d ago

The author has the intellignce and writing capabilities of a 7 year old, he contradicts himself in the first paragraph, saying there's no such thing as the best game in any category, and then declares wii Sports teh best minigame compilation sports game, until Move comes out, the stupid f#ck.
Also, he claims there's no such thing as overrated games - someone needs to inform this [email protected] what the meaning of words are: Overrated refers to a game that is praised as something better than it actually is. If a game is being lauded as the greatest thing since sliced cheese before it even comes out, that's called being OVERHYPED, and yes, both of these cases happen often in the entertainment industry.

ExplosionSauce2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

....and it receives a huge amount of undeserved media hype, then yeah, I guess I would consider that game "overrated" or "overhyped".

Halo 1 and 2 were great. But then it started going downhill since 2. Halo 3's levels were smaller and hall-like. There wan't anything about it one would consider "next-gen" at all.

It's hard to say that Halo 3 is Halo 2 in HD, because it wasn't even in HD. Not to mention it had some mediocre storytelling.
It's all presented in a nice "epic" way, but that's just the cover of the book.

Reach is what Halo should have been back in 2007. But obviously M$ didn't care much for the game or money if they rushed it for the money.

* What Halo has is popularity. And we can't deny that word-of-mouth, media hype and huge M$ marketing has A LOT to do with it(not to mention the ONLY game the Xbox had. The less games it had, the more attention it would get).
So I can understand why some people would think it's "da-bomb-diggity" and that it makes any other game out there completely obsolete.

ShinMaster2991d ago

Also add that when people or media purposely overlook the flaws of a certain game drawing attention away from the cons and focusing mainly on the pros while other games don't receive the same treatment, that's when you know that game is being overrated or at least there's something fishy going on.

There were way too many excuses for H3 and GTAIV, IMO.

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mcnablejr2991d ago


+ bubs.


wray772991d ago

Oblivion the best RPG pretty easily? It's not. Nevermind easily. Even the elder scroll fans prefer others in the series.

HydraxFFx2991d ago

What does overrated mean anyways? A game that gets more attention then it should, or a game that is literally over rated, (eg) gets 9's and 10's when it deserves 7's and 6's.

DA_SHREDDER2991d ago

Sorta like Halo 3 and KZ2? Yeah I agree. And most of all, the people who write reviews and hype up these games are journalist who only game cause its in their job description to game. Real gamers like Jeff Gerstman, Hiphopgamer, you see them come up from nothing into something simply cause of their passion for games. Take what happened to them and look what you get. A website called bitmob, totally uninspired trash. You think we dont get it Dan? Getting fired from EGM cause your just a parasite to the gaming industry. Blow.

theonlylolking2991d ago

Dont worry you will get good at KZ2 one day.

mrcash2991d ago

yup killzone 2 as well, the graphics gave it a free pass with the media. The funny thing is that most killzone players think people complain about it because they "suck" at it. However theres no denying that killzones controls make for a slow paced experience i play killzone and am actually decent at it positive k/d :) and its far from the best fps. Why would people want to get good at a game that they simply don't like or consider to be bad. When it comes to gameplay in a shooter, controls either make the experience or break it, in killzones case it broke it for most people. Killzone is a very easy game to play you just have to have patience no running and gunning for the most part but its far from difficult just isnt as versatile as lets say mw2 which has game modes that can really change the pace.

Shoko2991d ago

Yes there is.......look at the thumbnail or this article.....

Natsu X FairyTail2991d ago ShowReplies(2)
kaveti66162991d ago

A game is overrated when the media and everyone else in the world all seem to enjoy it, so this one butthurt guy who didn't enjoy the game goes on the internet and says the game is overrated shortly before he swallows a cyanide pill.

zatrox2991d ago

But there are. Alot of shit games get great reviews and media attention, and thus are overrated.

kaveti66162991d ago

Those games that are 'shit' games are overrated to you.

You're applying you individual personal opinion of a game and crying fowl because the majority of reviews for the game you don't like are positive.

That's why metacritic is a trusted source. It's a collection of personal opinions rather than just one personal opinion. You learn more from listening to a lot of people rather than just taking the word of one person.

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