Top Five Role Playing Game Clichés

Adam Smith from Coregamer: Role Playing Games have been know to take many different forms, but yet still struggle to differentiate from one another in various aspects of what has become a rather predictable genre. Attached to the vastly popular RPG genre are some noticeable and rather recycled cliches and sometimes it's a lack of originality that makes RPGs so welcoming and enjoyable.

Counting down from five are my personal favourite RPG cliches:

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HelghastKid2965d ago

lol #2 always had me wondering why we are able to walk into someones house and steal their items.

Urmomlol2965d ago

I thought this article was going to be pretty terrible, but it wasn't half bad. Adding #2 is as cliche as the actual cliche itself and you have some pretty glaring typos (PRG 101?) but for the most part this was a surprisingly well written piece.


CoregamerUK2965d ago

Thanks for pointing that mistake out - can't catch 'em all, right? IT's been updated on the site so thanks once again.

jneul2964d ago

I am guilty of #2 in all final fantasy games lol well except for ff13, because the items you find are mostly hidden in the landscape

RedDead2964d ago

You mean sitting on the highway right? They're usually just a metre or so off the long highway your on in that game.

Anyway, yeah this list is final fantasy and some other J-rpg's. Western ones don't usually have people that let you take their stuff, take Oblivion for example.

Baka-akaB2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

hum no ... western rpg are full of house with chests as well , where you take stuff , even with the occupants inside .

They just usually add the rather unneeded lock to pick with your skills or a thief from your party .

And since you mention oblivion , it kind is more distracting and weird to me ... to fall upon highway thiefs and bandits threatening you for a sum that isnt really worth anything , and chose you chose to kill and loot them instead , they are filthy rich with high quality items like glass or ebony items .

RedDead2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I just meant if you get caught stealing or murder/attack a civilian, you get sent to jail and have a bounty. I'm not dissing the article or anything but all the things on the list apply to Final Fantasy, every one of them. It's not like I care since FF is my fav fracise but i'm just saying

Baka-akaB2964d ago

no worries , just pointing out that each genre got its stack of weird stuff and clichés

Weefz2964d ago

Yup, Oblivion and the other Bethesda Softworks games are more the exception than the rule for Western RPGs. Classics like Baldur's Gate + NWN and now Dragon Age are all filled with chests ripe for the picking. I find it weird that NPCs never complain to innkeepers about all their good stuff being nicked.

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Baka-akaB2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

The most annoying cliché for me , is how , you gotta save a village inr ather iminant danger , with their inhabitants quite aware of that ...
and yet the local merchant gotta charge you for items , with the prospect of some future that is quite up in the air ...

Of course said merchants graciously offer you a 5% discount AFTER you save said village :s

Weefz2964d ago

It's just good business. If he sells to you at a loss and you fail to save them, he's just given away all his good stuff. What will the competent hero 30 mins behind you use to save them? ;)

Baka-akaB2964d ago

the most amazing merchant of that sort was cha-cha , in secret of mana .

He manages to ninja in way in the heart of fort Mana ( flying fortress at the end of the game ) , wich the end of the world in sight .. and he sells you the best items indeed , but at the most exagerated prices :p

n to the b2964d ago

the travelling merchant mysteriously appears in Dragon Age: Origins endgame area where he has no business being. they make a joke of it though, 'Bodahn, what are you doing here?!'

Acquiesce2964d ago

A comrade sacrificing their life for the greater good
Protagonists hometown burnt down in an orgy of flames

God, what else is there.

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