Xbox 360 Kinect still facing body recognition issues

Kinect is Microsoft’s big gamble with the Xbox 360. The company has put major stock behind the tech. However, despite claims of accurate body tracking, the tech still suffers from recognition issues.

Kinect is actually a very cool concept and a vision of the future. However, the challenge I see with the tech is getting it to perform reliably today. It seems like just about every time it was publically presented something goes haywire.

We have seen Kinect act oddly with different lighting, failing to even register the person properly. Other times we have seen the tech pick up certain individuals while the person standing next to them seems to be ignored.

Kinect seems to also have a difficult time tracking foreign objects when brought close to the body like a piece of paper. This contrasts to the trailer shown at E3 last year of the boy scanning in a skate board into the Kinect.

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ZombieAutopsy3831d ago

LOL that kid turned around seen his parents and had to think to himself WTF.

zootang3831d ago


You had me crying, I didn't notice that before.

jack_burt0n3831d ago

hey columbo u might as well delete this now rather than when its top of the front page lol.

8-bit3831d ago

@sikbeta Holy crap that video was straight up fail! That is what the technology can do folks. Sink it in and cancel your preorders.

Moentjers3831d ago

Sad for the parents but even worse for the kids. These video's have earned a place in gaming history.

blitz06233831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

If Microsoft cares about bringing out a better product and not rushing another one for sales like the 360, they would delay Kinect's release until they have it further polished and working more consistently. Not saying anything it should be like GT5 since the game hasn't been released yet, but at least Sony/Polyphony Digital is not gonna release it until they think it's perfect. C'mon MS, you need to stop being greedy. You already raised XBL by $10, now you're gonna rip customers off with a malfunctioning Motion Control product. Pathetic.

blitz06233831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Wow N4G double posted my comment.

gamingdroid3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Wrong section.

Tyler Durden3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

kinect is getting too realistic for me. Check this out

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pwnd_of_lol3831d ago

It is a shame that any new device receives so many negative responses from gamers. This wall of criticism really stifles creativity in my opinion.

CaptainMarvelQ83831d ago

just M$ devices
which are always rushed

mrcash3831d ago

don't know why you have disagrees captain, they are rushing again the proof is in the lack of voice support kinnect will have.

Godmars2903831d ago

Any device that doesn't work or brings nothing new to the table. That's why Move is under just as much fire, but since it actually does work, is showing itself to be more adaptable, its earning its way out of negative criticism. Whereas Kinect is earns more.

gamingdroid3831d ago

because God forbid, MS only supports 3 languages at launch: English (British and American), Mexican Spanish and Japanese!

----------------------------- -----------

Way to go on the article only presenting the negatives. What about the hundreds of other reports and videos showing it works just fine, but heck I'm sure the article would complain about the camera not being able to see through a wall if there was nothing else to complain about.

How about talking about this video with no lag, excellent tracking and instant recognition of multiple people:

What about this one that shows the guy sitting an using Kinect at 5:20'ish:

Nobody writes about that, but how many articles do we have that Kinect doesn't work while sitting?

acky13831d ago

Move hasn't recieved much criticism from either side except the most blatant xbots. You could say Move isn't new because Wii released a similar device before them but at least Move strives to improve on the Wii formula which is undoubtedly a good thing for gaming.

When a product comes out showing as many faults as Kinect has it is our duty to question it and possibly ridicule it if we are expected to pay so much for a seemingly broken product. I would gladly stifle the creative geniuses who came up with kinect if it means we don't have to be subjected to low quality products and instead improve the industry.

Odin7773831d ago

Well if it was good maybe I wouldn't have such a negative opinion of it. And until Microsoft shows something of interest regarding Kinect I will keep that negative opinion.

Biggest3831d ago

He's sitting down to watch a movie. Wow. Notice how the movie stopped because he sat down? Wow. Notice how he isn't playing any games? Wow. So far, the best game you can play sitting down is "Watch a Movie" with Kinect? Wow. I hope you enjoy it.

Bigpappy3831d ago

This article is good proof of that: This is a dupicate artical to one already submitted this weekend. Most same people commenting on it now were the same commenting in the previous article. Yet none of them mention this.

Here is a link to the previous article:

Immortal3213831d ago

tech demos? are you serious?

what about the games?

ohh right you don't care.

gamingdroid3831d ago

Are you serious?

Oh, wait!

One look at your comment history and it is all clear.


Immortal3213830d ago

LOL your funny. Did you really check my comment history.....

after checking yours..... Ladies and gentlemen we got ourselves here a hypocrite.

gamingdroid3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

It's called "confirmation bias" when one looks through fanboy goggles. The world will start to look like it is against you!

I don't hate on any of the consoles. I love them all and enjoy them all. Some more than others, but none are perfect.

However, a select few just like to hate and imagine things to make themselves feel better with some kind of justification.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a fanboy!

Immortal3213830d ago

dude you post videos of tech demos for kinect! you tryna sound like you have no preferences, "I don't hate on any of the consoles. I love them all and enjoy them all. Some more than others, but none are perfect. "

you completely went off topic, what does your last post have that support, "kinect works fine playing games."

gamingdroid3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

What do you think tech demos are? What else is there, but tech demos for a product that hasn't been released?

The games are available to try as well. Have you tried it?

You are unwilling to accept tech demos or even demonstration videos.

Yet all you do is dismiss. Then I really don't see what there is to discuss, because you are NOT looking for anything positive in Kinect (or motion control in general), but just things to hate.

It is abundantly clear now that you are here purely to hate.

Immortal3213830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

True I do hate motion controls, its just a machine that don't have feelings, thus making me care less. I hate the fact that the wii is in first place, and have barely any core games for it. I hate the fact that the hardcore itself are going casual in a way, like making the games easy, or too cheap to beat. I hate the fact that a gamer calls another gamer a fanboy simply because they disagree. I hate the future because its going digital. I hate the new generation because they're easily blind. I hate the music that's being played. I hate being misrepresented. I hate double standards, and I definitely hate those who love machines.

I hate all of this.

and I agree, "It is abundantly clear now that you are here purely to hate. "

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3831d ago
Bigpappy3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Does the game he is trying to play require this piece of paper? This is a camera that is trying to track the out line of your body as the program was written. I am sure it was programed to try and stay focused on the body if and object temperily gets infont of you, rather than pause the game every time (if it can see most of the body it can still play). If the game is programed to scan objects in your hand, I am sure it could do that. But to expect every game to do that is just stupid.
I know that N4G is PS3 world for fanboys, that is why only the percieved negative Kinect article are making it since there is more stuff for you to read about the Move. You should just approve the negatives though. You can approve some of the positive stuff when it has new news with in it. You can always then add your negative spin in the comments.

Here is an article showing for THE FIRST TIME people play and comment on boxing from Kinect sports. I have been trying to get this approved, but it seems less news worthy than this opion piece.

There is the link:

moparful993831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

You are one of those special xbox fans that loves the idea of kinect and you hate to see it fail. So you come in to these articles where proof of kinects shortcomings are exposed and your only response is to damage control.. Kinect was promised by microsoft to be able to scan objects into the game.. Its kind of funny how the cheaper ps eye camera can not only scan a persons full body but maps 3d objects into your hand.. [url= If the cheaper ps eye can do this then why does a 150 camera peripherial have trouble differentiating between objects??? Your logic is fail...

Bigpappy3830d ago

This is not a tech demo. This is an attemp to show that there are ways to screw around with the camera to see what will cause interference and how the avatar reacts to the interference in that mode. These are not things you see while playing games. In most games I have seen (I have see the good and bad), when there is that type of interference, the game would pause. So you you fanboys to make such a kincect will fail because of who avatars behave in this non gaming mode is kind of far reaching at best.

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BeOneWithTheGun3831d ago

Man was not meant to leave the couch to game. - Book of Gamerson; Verse 12:45-46

bustamove3831d ago

You're right. Lol, that kid turned around twice. He was like...huh??

3831d ago
avengers19783830d ago

problems from kinect really?

ShadowCK3830d ago

Well you don't know. You haven't tried it have you?

I don't think Microsoft would release a product that has known problems.

avengers19783830d ago

That's a joke right. Like sarcasim.

ShadowCK3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

The hell? Double post? My bad.

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Hacking3831d ago

well i'm thinking because they removed the internal processor the problems are starting to show and software kind of way isn't gonna work out, Thanks Microsoft for being greedy b*stards.

I still love my xbox360 but Microsoft should abandon Kinect.

Aquarius3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

if they removed the processor, then why the fuck is it so expensive?

£24.99 vs. £129.99

WTF is inside of that shit?
PS eye can already do both face and voice recognition!

Imperator3830d ago

It's expensive becuase MS is trying to fool incompetent customers into buying it. It's the same reason they raised the price for XBL.

Montoya3831d ago

When is the release date? It`s not good if there STILL expierencing problems like....doing what it`s was made to do.

Cloudberry3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

November 10th 2011.

The same month with Gran Turismo 5 (US: November 2nd, Japan & Europe: November 3rd, Australia: November 4th) & LittleBigPlanet 2 (November 16th).


Kinect's clone dubbed as "Lenovo's eBox" made in China also would be released in November 2010.



It's one hell of a month, in my opinion...

Cloudberry3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )


I mean, it's November 10th 2010, not 2011.


Cloudberry3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

"Kinect's clone dubbed as "Lenovo's eBox" made in China also would be released in November 2010."

It should be, "Lenovo's eBox" made in China also would be released in November 2011, not 2010.


I got mixed up twice...

juniordee3831d ago

Oh man this is entertaining XD

Omega43831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

When I tried it at covent garden it worked perfectly fine. Obviously if you use it in a way its not meant to be used why would it work properly.

Geez the damage control just keeps on coming. People act like its releasing tomorrow. And whats even more silly is the only people bothered by this are the people who had no intention of buying Kinect in the first place.

lodossrage3831d ago

The only damage control I ever see usually comes from YOU kid. Like now

Ri0tSquad3831d ago

Lol @ working "perfectly fine". This guy has no credibility whatsoever.

bjornbear3831d ago Show
HammockGames3831d ago

You've gotta' be joking me.

I've read his comment, and pretty much every word in there rings true.
Your comment history reflects exactly what he said. That's not personal, that's just the fact of the matter.

Omega, the problem you're dealing with is that your reputation really does precede you, and you've earned every bit of it. Whether it's playing MS Defense or slinging mud at anything non-360 related, you've pretty much made yourself a lightening rod now for any comment you make.

I enjoy my 360, too, but it's just gaming we're talking about. Gaming is not religion and the 360 isn't the pope, so please stop worshipping it (and you don't have to kiss the ring).

captain-obvious3831d ago ShowReplies(6)
outrageous3831d ago

A pathetic article by a dumb fanboy. The guy works at Sony, what did you expect him to say??? Sony is working on there own body tracking device...what will you geeks say then...EXACTLY. I like this part of the article...

" Dr. Marks holds a PhD from Stanford in Aerospace Robotics and majored in Avionics at MIT which led him down the path of visual motion sensing for robots "...

And now he WORKS at Sony building toys like the EyE ToY and slagging the competition....LMFAO...Hey Dr dipstick...your fired.

Here's the patented tech...Maybe Dr Mark should go back to

Snakefist303831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I think ur the one who need to go to school.

BrianG3831d ago

Dr. Marks motion control cameras like the EyeToy and PSeye are good products and were very good for their time of release. The PSeye still has better specs than Kinect, I dont mean to take it there, but it seems thats how you want to go. So should Microsoft's R&D department go back to school?

And Sony's body tracking device could be called the PSeye, it can track your body. Of course games they have out now aren't really tracking your feet or legs in to much detail, but I'm sure it can handle it since it can track your head and upper body.

divideby03831d ago

what a crock...Sony aint fearing kinect...they have no reason to..
they have an entry into motion controls...over time it may not be as good as kinetic, when MS gets Kinetic to really work with real games.
In the meantime, Sony has motion, announced and shown it with REAL games. What have wee seen from MS with real games with Kinetic...please post the linky...

besides Sony is ushering in 3D.. games and movies.,. thats way more exciting to me than motion or no contoller

mrv3213831d ago

Omega4 is right clearing we are using it wrong, instead of using it as a motion controller let's waggle and flail our arms round to navigate a menu slowly, inefficiently and pointlessly./SARCASM

Why o why3831d ago

is not british and knows nothing of covent garden

'Geez the damage control just keeps on coming.'

the irony

sdtarm3831d ago

"Geez the damage control just keeps on coming. People act like its releasing tomorrow. And whats even more silly is the only people bothered by this are the people who had no intention of buying Kinect in the first place. "

lol and thats what was that u said about Gran Turismo?? erh??

"They only got a few months left, you would have thought all these kind of bugs would be fixed."

Yeah id think they would have also fixed the BANG problem avatar long time ago, but no

Chill out kid stop trolling, Learn how to be urself and no a M$ suker

trane073831d ago

like you're one to talk about someone hating on something they have no intention on buying in the first place omega...

you do it everyday in ps3 articles.

Godmars2903831d ago

Probably has something to do with MS showing it off the year before, on late night TV, as if it was a complete product that was only waiting on software.

Chris3993831d ago

The other day, he had the audacity to throw around the word "troll". On one hand, I guess he would know, as he's like, troll royalty. On the other, its a bit hysterical that he can't recognize his own behavior.

Now we can add "damage control" to Omega4's 'Classic Reel' clips.

That made my day, thanks Omega.

iPad3831d ago

"Geez the damage control just keeps on coming. People act like its releasing tomorrow"

double facepalm.

Just look at Omega's comment in the "Gran Turismo 5 Glitch at PAX" article and then read this one.

another double facepalm.

Denethor_II3831d ago

What damage control? Kinect is the only gaming device on the market that doesn't work.

Bell Boy3831d ago

Yeah folks put you faith in Mr 1

gamer78043831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I can corroborate Omega4's results, thus more credibility than Ri0tSquad. I have also tried Kinect. It had no problems recognizing my movements on any of the games i played, or my 5 friends who also tried it, playing even 2 player. I agree 100% with Omega4, do knock it til you actually try it.

mcstorm3831d ago

Why is it this site is full if bad press for Kinect but not move yet the other sites I use are more up beat.

At the end of the day if people dont like Kinect then fine dont buy it just like people are doing with move or 3d tv's.

I am looking forward to Kinect because the media side looks really good and the games will be fun to play with the kids as there is noting complex about the games on release.
I really dont think Kinect will be a mess as they would not push a product so much if it was.

The Kin did not get pushed and they dropped it straight away the same with Windows Vista.

I think Kinect will be a bit hit in the UK and USA and this could also be the device to help them push sales of the 360 in Japan.

You can all slag me off as much as you want or disagree with me as much as you want as this is my view of Kinect and MS and you all have yours.

WildArmed3831d ago

Isn't Natal being releaseed next month?
(Ie 'releasing tomorrow' in business time')

they are probably busy cranking out natals atm to prepare for launch.
For the most part, natal's hardware,etc has been has been decided and locked.

Zezo3831d ago

.. Hey omega, why is the floor soaking wet here???

jack_burt0n3831d ago

omega with news like this no one will buy it but you lol

Game-ur3831d ago

"Obviously if you use it in a way its not meant to be used why would it work properly"

This is contrary to the slogan "you are the controller", and confirmed its just gesture based and only guess your actions like the old Eyetoy.

pixelsword3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Ironic that anyone would suggest

Damage control


Damaged controls

-Just kidding.

At any rate, OMEGA:

I see what you are saying, but if it can truly track your motions, then it should be able to interpret when you're doing, not approximate.