Lens of Truth: Shenmue Retro Review

Lens of Truth writes - "In that year, the year that brought the new millennium, did you happen to play a game? It was created by Yu Suzuki for the Sega Dreamcast, did you play it? It came out during the coldest months when the weather was weird - it had incredible graphics, revolutionary gameplay elements, and a fascinating story, do you know the game I’m talking about? Well, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and don’t know that I’m writing in “Shenmue speak”, then you must check out our latest Retro Review…Shenmue, for the Sega Dreamcast."

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Shogun Master3017d ago

One of my favorites! I have nothing against the original Xbox but the sequel should have been released on the Dreamcast in the U.S. Even if it would have been the system's "farewell game", Sega should have given it to the fans!

RudeSole Devil3017d ago

The Dreamcast version looked better IMO.

gillri3017d ago

after 20 years of gaming this is my favourite game of all time, I will never forget playing this on Christmas day ten years ago

Baron793017d ago

This is definitely one of those games that if you got to experience it when it was first released, you will NEVER forget it. A true Classic.

Cloudberry3017d ago

I never had a Dreamcast / the first Xbox to play it, nor not exactly fully familiar with PC emulator thingy & such.

However, since I often browsed GAMEFAQS, switching back & forth on Heavy Rain & Yakuza 3 boards that time, Shenmue mentioned numerous times.

Shenmue this, Shenmue that.

As still a Shenmue virgin, I refused to watched any Shenmue videos even on You Tube.

I try to avoid any spoilers regarding to the first & second title, because when the time comes where Shenmue released again for this / future gen consoles / PC, so I could enjoy it more.

Then again...

If it's possible, SEGA could make a Shenmue 1 & 2 Collection in HD & Trophies a-la God Of War Collection.

Or the safest bet is as XBLA & PSN download.

Joe Bomb3017d ago

"If it's possible, SEGA could make a Shenmue 1 & 2 Collection in HD & Trophies a-la God Of War Collection."

Now that's a great idea! If any two games should be redone for XBLA or PSN, or even a collection like the God of War one, its the two Shenmue games. In the U.S., Sega fans never got proper closure on this incredible game (unless they bought an Xbox especially for part II).

ArthurLee3017d ago

While were at it, how about a brand new HD Shenmue 3 to finish off the story! Now that would be incredible.

Soul Train3017d ago

Most underrated system and game of all time.

stealyrface3017d ago

You got to start the Xbox version of Shenmue II with practically every item you could have had at the end of the first game, still though it wasn't the same as taking your old character and starting a new adventure with him. I was always mad at Sega for letting this great game hang in oblivion for a while.

RudeSole Devil3017d ago

Dreamcast is the best system hands down.