UK charts – Metroid Other M misses top ten, Mafia II holds

Mafia II’s held on to the top spot in the UK charts, it’s been announced this morning.The 2K title held on despite a 23 percent sales drop from last week, as well as a challenge from Kane & Lynch 2, which landed at second.Wii Sports Resort made another challenge at the summit again, coming back at number three.

Toy Story 3 and Red Dead Redemption finished off the top five.

But there’s no room in the top ten for Metroid: Other M. The Team Ninja-developed title came in at 12.

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darthdevidem012990d ago

Disappointing reviews, now disappointing sales.

Well my friend is lending me his copy (he hated it), but he said since I like JRPG's the story should appeal to me.

Hope I like it.

eagle212990d ago


Other M Metacritic critic review graph says:
Positive: 29
Mixed: 9
Negative: 0

G4TV is not added to metacritic anymore so Morgan Webb can go talk in the woods. :)

JohnApocalypse2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I'm not surprised really. The Wii ads in the UK always make the console look like it is only for families

PS3-2472990d ago

I was gonna get a Wii for MOM. I'm not so sure now. What's wrong with the game? Maybe Nintendo should have never let Team Ninja make it.

Taggart4512990d ago

Because it went on sale on the very last day of the Month. ONE DAY to make it into the top ten? Usually games have at least one or two weeks.

siyrobbo2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

This is the uk weekly chart not monthly

Samus HD2990d ago

nooo wayyy
I have metroid other M and I Like it veryy
for me better then prime series,
I hope it sells well

fossilfern2990d ago

I love Other M aswell but its one of them games that will just split opinion so i wouldnt take these sales to seriously the game has been out since friday ?

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