The Top 7 Worst Video Game Ports that Should've Been Taken Out Back with a Shotgun

A bad game port is just like an ageing beauty queen. Sure, you can tell she was kinda hot before the ravages of age crushed her looks and her spirit, but those qualities are pretty hard to see under all the cosmetic surgery and cheap mascara. The words just typed also relate to games… eh, just replace the reconstructive surgery with crippling slow down or terrifyingly bad pop-up. Just like the aforementioned imaginary GILF, these games were all once great. Well, until the botched facelift/half-assed ports.

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lovestospoodge3017d ago

just about to say that, bravo

SilentNegotiator3017d ago

That Ps2-port of Mercenaries 2 is freaking hideous!

andron3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Was the 360/PC/PS3 version much better? I think the M2 was rushed, and it showed. Underwhelming graphics and many bugs made me tire of it fast.

But yeah the PS2 version shouldn't have been released...

comp_ali3017d ago

GTA IV PC , not with a shotgun but a nuke.

Blacktric3017d ago

Make it double. I f*king hate that game on PC even with such great controls.

kaveti66163017d ago

GTA IV PC? I guess, but it's not an issue for those who install mods.


3017d ago
Pandamobile3017d ago

GTA IV runs fine on a PC with a 3+ core CPU and an 8800 GT or better.

comp_ali3017d ago

I have i7 920, 6 GB ram , 4870x2 and still encounter framrate drops from time to time ingame.

El_Colombiano3017d ago

GTA IV doesn't use your 4870 to it's potential since it's a dual GPU.

devilhunterx3017d ago

No mention of FF13 on the XB2? Fission Mailed!

wazzim3017d ago

it isn't really one of the worst ports and doesn't even look like it, unless you have the PS3 version running directly next to it that is.

Chuk53017d ago

That game was fine. It's not a great game but it wasnt that bad on XBOX360 not xbox2. If anything dragon age on ps3 was a sloppy port. The ps3 version of ac2 suffered multiple problems.

asyouburn3017d ago

the framerate on dragon age ps3 wasnt quite as good as the 360 version, but i'd take the better texture resolution over it any day. and as far as multiple problems with AC2, what were those? i platinumed the game and never noticed any issues. figured i wouldve ran into something over the course of 100 percenting it

dkgshiz3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Gamespot gave DAO the ps3 version a 9....while the 360 version an 8.5

Natsu X FairyTail3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Did you play FF13 on Xbox360? I played FF13 on PS3 at 1st and then on the xbox360 just a few weeks ago . IT's not as Beautiful as the PS3 version because it's a an obvious Port and the game isnt in HD. We all understand that but the game did not suffer from anything else. There was not Lags or Screen tearing or whatever in my time playing it on the Xbox.

it just a game that was better on PS3 because it was meant to be like that. That's about it.

on the other hand Bayonetta played and looked like squat on PS3.

coolbeans3017d ago

Sigh....let me guess, since the article didn't mention a subpar 360 port you had to? *chuckles* always funny to see these cases.

NeutralGamer3017d ago

FF13 was only a bad port resolution wise...

It still ran like butter on Xbox...

NeutralGamer3016d ago

Did you play it?


Then YOU leave

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jrbeerman113017d ago

Love gamesradar, even their "top lists" even have some thought and humor put into them.

George Sears3017d ago

For some reason top ten lists just annoys the hell out of me but top seven feels just right. Not to long, not to short.

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