Gears of War 2 XP feasts…What’s next?

ZG writes: Gearsheads are all currently milking the 25x XP that Epic bestowed upon us in celebration of the ‘Labor’ Day weekend. Some have achieved the lofty heights of Level 100, while some continue to flounder and are possibly wondering if they’ll ever get there – this weekend or any other.So zombiegamer got to thinking, what’s next? Surely, this is not the last of the mammoth XP weekends? Epic clearly wants us to get our wings before the sequel comes along. Short of simply gifting it to us, they must have some more ideas in the *ahem* ‘wings’. But what could possibly outdo 25x XP?

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HarryMonogenis2967d ago

Epic Games has been doing this for quite some time, the most recent I can remember is the E3 celebration -- that's when the constant XP events began..

r0gueZA2966d ago

Great, because im only half way there to my wings, and I want them bad.